Top 10 Best Glass Cleaners in India 2022

best glass cleaner in india

Liquids for cleaning glass are quite useful as they help in keeping the glass surfaces clean and shiny. This includes the glass table tops, window panes, and other similar areas with glass fittings. We have listed out some products that offer perfect value for the price paid so that you will find it easier to get one for your home as per your need. Let us see the best glass cleaners in the next section.

Top 10 Best Glass Cleaners:

1. Colin Glass Cleaner Spray

colin glass cleaner spray

Colin glass cleaner spray has shine boosters that can remove the dirt and dust from the glass surface.

You can use them on the mirror, glass windows, fridge, oven, furniture, kitchen cabinets, or other such areas to keep them clean and shiny.

It can be simply sprayed on the unclean area and then wiped off with a clean cloth.


  • Brand: Colin
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 500 Grams
  • Item Volume: 1500 Millilitres
  • Contains Liquid Contents: Yes
  • Surface Recommendation: Window, Bath Tub, Floor, Toilet, Tile, Shower, Mirror
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 26.5 x 28.3 cm; 500 Grams
  • It can cause twice more shine compared to other conventional cleaners.
  • 99.9% of germs are killed by it.
  • The bottle is available in the form of a spray that makes it easy to use.
  • No demerits.

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2. INTERCORP NOXEL Glass & Surface Cleaner Spray

intercorp noxel glass & surface cleaner sprayer

Intercorp Noxel spray can help in cleaning a glass surface to make it appear shiny and clean.

The bottle cap has a spray nozzle for convenience use.


  • Brand: INTERCORP
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Contains Liquid Contents: Yes
  • Package Dimensions: 28 x 17 x 7 cm; 600 Grams
  • Item Weight: 600 g
  • It efficiently removes the dirt and dust.
  • Available at a cheaper price.
  • Its smell could have been better.

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3. Strategi Herbal Glass Cleaner

herbal strategi glass cleaner

Strategi glass cleaner has herbal ingredients that make it an eco-friendly product.

It removes the dust and dirt easily to create a shiny surface.

You can use it on mirrors, tinted windows, light fixtures, chrome, acrylic, vehicle windshield, and other similar surfaces for cleaning them.


  • Brand: STRATEGI
  • Scent: Pine, Lemon
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 0.5 Kilograms
  • Item Volume: 500 Millilitres
  • Contains Liquid Contents: Yes
  • Surface Recommendation: Window, Mirror
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 25 x 8 cm; 500 Grams
  • It doesn’t leave any residue after cleaning the surface.
  • Fragrant due to the aromatic oils and plant extracts used in it.
  • Nontoxic as it doesn’t have any strong chemicals.
  • The cleaning efficiency is not like other glass cleaners.

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4. Mr. Muscle Glass Cleaner

mr. muscle glass cleaner

Mr. Muscle glass cleaner is an amazing product for removing dirt and dust to keep surfaces clean.


  • Brand: Mr Muscle
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Contains Liquid Contents: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 4 x 26.7 cm; 1.12 Kilograms
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 120 g
  • The bottle comes with a spray nozzle for ease of use.
  • It can efficiently remove tough stains also.
  • No demerits so far.

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5. Rust Oleum Glass Cleaner Spray

Rust Oleum Glass Cleaner Spray

Rust-Oleum cleaner has dust and moisture repellent characteristics that keep the surface clean for a longer duration.


  • Brand: Rust-Oleum
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Weight: 1.6 Pounds
  • Volume: 650.62 Millilitres
  • Product Dimensions: 10.8 x 5.72 x 26.04 cm; 725.75 Grams
  • It can efficiently remove tough stains.
  • You can safely use it for automotive and residential glass as well.
  • The claims made by the product to repel rainwater doesn’t work.

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6. K’TRiQ K3 Glass Cleaner

K'TRiQ K3 Glass Cleaner

You can use the K’TRiQ K3 glass cleaner for removing oil and finger marks on a glass surface.

A single action can leave the surface free from any marks.

It can be used on any type of hard surface that is washable such as window glasses, mirrors, glass doors, and others.

The product needs to be diluted before use. Use 20-45 ml of the liquid in 1 lt water.


  • Brand: K’TRiQ
  • Ideal for: Window Glasses, Glass Doors, Mirror / Looking glass
  • Package Dimensions: 22.8 x 9.2 x 8.6 cm; 1.12 Kilograms
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 120 g
  • It is easy to use as it just needs a wipe-off action.
  • The pleasant fragrance leaves a fresh experience after cleaning.
  • It can’t make the surface free from germs.

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7. Selzer Ocean Fresh Glass Cleaner

Selzer Ocean Fresh Glass Cleaner

Selzer Ocean Fresh glass cleaner comes with a 2 in 1 spray mechanism.

You can use it for cleaning the mirrors fridge surface, TV, oven, tiles, and others.


  • Brand: Selzer
  • Cleans surfaces like: mirrors, glass windows, fridge, TV, oven, Furniture, Granite, Marble, Ceramic Tiles, Glazed Tiles, etc
  • Available Sizes: 720 ml & 500 ml
  • Fragrance: Superior Fragrance
  • It has a Shine protection formula that ensures a shiny surface for longer durations.
  • The fragrance creates a refreshing experience after cleaning.
  • The product doesn’t ensure removing germs from the surface.

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8. Sonax 338241 Clear Glass Spray

Sonax 338241 Clear Glass Spray

Sonax glass cleaner helps in removing dirt and dust from the surface.

It can be used on glasses in the interior as well as exterior parts.


  • Brand: Sonax
  • Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 5.7 x 23.3 cm; 560 Grams
  • Volume: 0.5 Litres
  • Item Weight: 560 g
  • It is free from phosphate content.
  • Available at an attractive price.
  • It doesn’t ensure a completely streak-free cleaning experience.

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9. Dabur Sanitize Multipurpose Surface Cleaner & Disinfectant

dabur sanitize multipurpose surface cleaner & disinfectant

Dabur glass cleaner is a multi-purpose cleaner.

You can use it on porous as well as nonporous surfaces.

For using it, you just need to spray it on the target surface and let it remain for 3 minutes before wiping it using a dry cloth. In case of any spots, it can be wiped again.


  • Brand: Dabur Sanitize
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Contains Liquid Contents: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 5.3 x 19.2 cm; 520 Grams
  • Item Weight: 520 g
  • It helps in removing the toughest stains.
  • It claims to kill 99.9 % of germs from the surface for complete hygiene.
  • The fragrance could have been better.

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10. Savlon Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner

Savlon Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Disinfectant Cleaner

Savlon glass cleaner is useful for multiple purposes.

You can use it on your cabinet, mirror, fan, window, refrigerator, oven, and other similar areas.

It is easy to use as you just need to spray the liquid on the surface and wipe it off with a clean cloth.


  • Brand: Savlon
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Item Volume: 500 Millilitres
  • Contains Liquid Contents: Yes
  • Surface Recommendation: Window, Wall, Sink, Cooktop, Countertop, Mirror
  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 2.2 x 4.5 cm; 580 Grams
  • Item Weight: 580 g
  • It can kill 9.9% of germs from the surface, which includes bacteria, and fungi.
  • The citrus smell feels refreshing after the cleaning is done.
  • No such demerits.

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Best Glass Cleaners Buying Guide:

It is important to consider a few things before purchasing a glass cleaner, all of which have been enlisted below:

1. Choose of Type of Cleaner:

Glass cleaners can be in form of wipes, foam, or liquid. Among these, the liquid cleaner is the most common type. The foam glass cleaners come in aerosol cans which are meant for dealing with tough stains on glass surfaces like watermarks, dried toothpaste globs on bathroom mirrors, or bird droppings on car windows. If you have to do quick touchups then the cleaning wipes are a good option but their effectiveness is not as good as the other two types.

2. Active Ingredient of the Product:

The main ingredients in glass cleaners are alcohol or ammonia but if you opt for the gentler cleaners, then they have greener active ingredients.

i. Ammonia:

There are chances that some users may feel choked while using ammonia-based cleaners, as it irritates the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Accidental spills on the skin lead to chemical burns and splash on the eyes can blind you.

ii. Isopropyl Alcohol:

This is not very harmful when used safely in a well-ventilated room but care should be taken to avoid spilling on the skin or spraying into the eyes directly

iii. White Vinegar:

This is a powerful ingredient that quickly evaporates and is effective in removing grease and grime. Unlike the above two, it doesn’t irritate the skin, eyes, or respiratory system. It can even kill the bacteria or germs on the glass surface.

iv. Plant-Based Ingredients:

This includes eucalyptus, pine, mint, and thyme, which are non-toxic and have a pleasant smell. They are not tough on stains like those of the chemical ingredients.

How to Clean Tinted Windows and UV Resistant Films on Home Windows?

You should opt for an ammonia-free cleaner for this case because the tints would be discolored if ammonia is an active ingredient.
Similarly, for UV-resistant windows, make sure to check the guidelines from the manufacturer before buying one as the films get damaged because of vinegar, ammonia, and other chemicals in the product.

No matter if it is your glass windows at home or the dried bird droppings on car windows, there is a solution for all types of dirt. Now when you know about the different available glass cleaners, it is better to choose them wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to use a liquid glass cleaner?

Ans: The liquid glass cleaners are available in spray bottles or aerosol cans. You can mist them on a clean microfibre and then wipe the glass surface with it for a cleaner look.

Q. What is the right way of using foam glass cleaners?

Ans: Spray the foam directly on the glass surface and wipe it using a microfibre cloth for getting a cleaner surface. It is suitable for messes that have a greasy or sticky form.

Q. Why is ammonia commonly used in glass cleaners?

Ans: This is because it is inexpensive and efficiently removes the dirt, grease, and other spills on the glass surface.

Q. Why is Isopropyl alcohol used in glass cleaners?

Ans: This ingredient evaporates in the least duration and kills the germs on the surface, hence it is used.

Q. Where are specialty glass cleaners needed?

Ans: These are needed on electronic products like TV phones, computers, and others that have many layers of thin plastic and an adhesive layer. If not carefully used, they can get damaged or decolorized by the cleaning products having alcohol or ammonia as the main ingredient.

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