How to Hide TV Wires Without Cutting the Wall?

how to hide tv wires without cutting wall

All of us wish to have our house look clean without a mess of wires, things placed in an order, especially the things in the living room where your television is placed. Now the big challenge for us is that your television will have multiple wires attached to it and sometimes it is so difficult for anyone to arrange them in an order so that your house may look clean and less of a mess. Below are the finest choice of options for you to get rid of all your worries and explore the ideas to hide your tv cables without drilling or making holes on your walls.

1. Use Cord Clip to Hide TV Wires

Use Cord Clip to Hide TV Wires

The cord clips generally are made of plastic material, which are widely used for tangled wires to look classic and modern behind the television. There’s no need to drill your walls or break them in any means for this issue to get fixed. It is one of the inexpensive alternatives to hide the wires behind your big screen , it appears so organized when anyone has an eye on it . The cheapest and easiest way to make your halls good looking.

2. Wall Cladding

tv unit

Wall cladding is the way of layering one material on top of another material which will make a skin layer over the walls.
It is picked to clad the whole panel behind the TV with stone block front tiles , obviously it is a satisfying arrangement. The wires can be stuck behind the cladding. The tiles can be kept apart for replacing, if any fixes arise in future . It is the method which requires an architecture for the planning and designing. Comparatively little more expensive than cord clipping.

3. Create an Art with Wires

create an art with wires

The idea of making the cables into a beautiful image is just an next level option to go with. This concept of picturising wires into designs is an artistic expression. Making a diagram out of falling wires is such an optimistic approach to make your television backgrounds look pretty. The ideology of making art with strands of cable is the finest choice to create a series of wall decor.

4. Create Panelling on The Wall Behind The TV

create panels on the wall behind the tv

You can utilize an extra wooden grid to make a board on the wall that can conveniently pack every wire , and mount the TV on top. The board that contains the wires must be emptied and cut at the base so it tends to be effectively taken out if there is any occurrence of a makeover. This liable option of panelling brings the premier look on the walls behind the big screen.

5. Use TV Stand to Cover Cable Wires

use tv stand to cover cable wires

The cable wires have been hanging all around the television. It can be prevented by placing a TV stand to cover up all the wires. This is the least expensive thought to move forward with, buying a stand can even occupy the space very limited to television. Using these stands can provide all the coiled wires a hiding place to mask behind the furniture.Try this method of covering the wires and make your TV look well organised in the sight of the one who watches it.

6. Use any Background Wallpapers to Hide TV Wires

Use any Background Wallpapers to Hide TV Wires

The most popular wire hiding practice is to use any background wallpapers. This wallpaper choice is of your favorite theme and colour, in turn gives out the prettiest look behind the television. The game play of hide and seek with wallpapers and wires is the creative concept of all . Do try out this process to ensure the classic view behind the screen. This modern idea enhances the beauty of walls and is always an eye satisfying method.

7. Place them Through Baseboard Accessories

Place them Through Baseboard Accessories

The baseboard frameworks are produced with durable and long lasting materials to get along with numerous difficulties of hanging wires all over the television. The basic, thin and contemporary plan is ideal for renovating any room. An advantageous, spacious arrangement is required for smooth working of clinging cables. It’s quite a different idea to make use of and gives high resistance for the initiation of this task . This transformation seems to be a little expensive to establish but it turns out to be a long term solution.

8. Use a Raceway Cable Concealer Kit

use a raceway cable concealer kit

A raceway is an encased conductor that shapes an actual pathway for cable wiring. Raceways shield wires and protect from heat, erosion and general physical dangers of electrical accidents. It generally includes a hook top, where one can open the hook and stuff the clings of wires inside, and afterward can close it back. This ensures hiding the cables from the back frame of the TV . It’s incredibly flexible and can be sliced to the ideal size, painted with twining background style, and accessible to get the perfect set up.

9. Make a Fabric Frame

Make a Fabric Frame

The option of fabricating the big screen is trending now. The fabric frames can be installed at the back of the television, only after knowing the accurate dimensions and measurements of the framework. One can choose the design and finalize the blueprint. So that architecture knows the work to be done. Going for this formulated manufacturing brings the best to visualise hung up wires hiding themselves.

10. Cover the Wire with Plants Placed on Either Side of TV

cover the wire with plants placed on either side of tv

The selection of plants placed either side of the big screen can be the best alternative. According to one’s opinion they can go for natural plants or artificial one based on their personal interest. To make the plants look even more special , one can roll the wires to the leaves and stems. The color contrast of cables and plants are the most amazing combination ever. Covering the strands of wires behind the mini plants will give away the perfect look behind the TV.

The above mentioned are the best-picked useful techniques to hide the hanging wires without breaking the wall. Giving an assurance that any of one method will definitely fix your issue. Try out these ideas to make your home and walls more decorative with the enlisted creative solutions. This was all about break-free concepts of walls, in case of messy wirings. For best finishings and frameworks deal with one of your known architecture for guidance.

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