How to Cover a Balcony from Rain?

how to cover balcony from rain

Having your good time with the sip of coffee being on your balcony? An uncovered balcony might spoil your fun due to a sudden rain fall and make you get drenched. All of us love to enjoy the drops of rain being on the balcony, watching the lovely scenic weather but not at the cost of drenching. Here are a few tips for you to cover your balcony from rain, assuring you to restore your enjoyment being on the balcony even while it rains.

1. Use Waterproof Outdoor Curtains

Using waterproof curtains for your balcony will help with rainfall which are easy to install and are available in online/offline stores at a reasonable price. These are made up of polypropylene material which are durable and long lasting helping your balcony even during sunny or a rainy season. Choose the right sized waterproof curtains for your balcony to cover it from rain.

2. Place a Roof Cover

There are several types of roof covers available these days suitable for all kinds of balcony architectures. Almost every roof cover avoids rain fall entering the balcony. Roof covers will also give a classy look for your home at the same time protection against birds spoiling balcony, sunlight and rain. An acrylic sheet on a perfectly designed frame would do this for you.

3. Use Slippery Glass Sides

A best way to cover your balcony is to have slipper glass slides which are customizable for any size of the balconies. These trending glass slides will give you a complete view of the balcony with minimal disturbances and will give you a perfect view to spend more time on the balcony. These slides come up with PVC material without any obstructive railings giving your balcony more ventilation, sunlight and protects from rain as well.

4. Use Rectangular Shades

The Rectangular shades that come with waterproof shades that will have minimal efforts to install to use. As these are the best choice to cover your balcony from rain and direct sunlight. These shades usually come up with polyester material with waterproof and different colors of your choice. Some shades may even give you the advantage of UV Protection. Can be purchased online or offline and the professional installation is advised.

5. Use Bamboo Roll Up

Yet another best way to cover your balcony is to have a natural bamboo roll hanging around your balcony, which will give you protection against rain and sunlight. However, these designs are over a thousand years old, but many nature lovers would still choose to have this as a good choice, for its natural texture, eco-friendly material and a wide range of designs making them top sellers these days.

6. Attach a Wooden Screen

Wooden screens are best used in balconies, especially to cover your balcony from rain and bright sunlight. These are made up of thick wooden material. Most of these screens are made up of natural bamboo material and several designs available to explore. Choose the right one of your choice,if you are looking for a wooden screen cover to your balcony from rain.

7. Balcony Umbrella

Irrespective of the size of a balcony, an umbrella is the great choice for those who opt for effortless installation, easy to use and maintain. These umbrellas are available for any kind of balcony and are movable from one place to another. Affordable solution for those who have small or big balconies giving all round protection from rain and sun.

8. PVC Blind

Several types of PVC Blinds are available in the market these days to avoid rain coming into your balcony. These blinds come in different patterns, designs of the user’s choice giving a natural look to your balcony based on the choice of design you choose. Use PVC blinds if you want to make your balcony look darker than usual , and at the same time protect your balcony from rain and sunlight. Bamboo PVC Blinds imitates the tropical natural look and are more durable compared with any other choice of blinds.

9. Aluminum Frame with Plastic Sheet

A flexible aluminum frame with a fabric or a plastic material can be fixed on top of the balcony as a permanent solution giving you the comfort of an easy operating method to use when needed. Several designs are available based on user requirements with different kinds of material and designs. An affordable solution to cover your balcony from rain.

10. Sun Shades/Canopy

Plain balconies that do not have a roof or a cover to it will be prone to have direct sunlight falling into the house as rain. The best way to cover these balconies is to use the customizable canopy which is available in a variety of sizes and designs. These canopies could be temporary but yet a good selection to cover from rain. These canopies will also allow mild sunlight to enter and do not darken your balconies.

There are several ways to improve your balcony design, at the same time improving your time spent in your balcony in all seasons without any hassle is important. We recommend trying any of the above ideas to cover your balcony from rain so as any season. Our choice of suggestions will not only give you a cover from rain but gives you privacy, protection and also a stylish looking balcony.

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