How To Get Rid of Cockroaches In Your Home

how to get rid of roaches in your home

Cockroaches are unsanitary, annoying and unwelcome guests in every house, so don’t ever encourage them, if you leave them, they multiply in numerous and countless ways. So let’s stop them by using some of the home remedies to get rid of them. Staying healthy is our first priority and prevention is always better than cure. Here are some of the best remedies which are chosen for you to get rid of roaches in your home to stay healthy.

1. Use Boric Acid

use boric acid

Boric acid is one of the natural and effective ways to kill cockroaches. Boric acid contains Boron and water mix, so it is less toxic to humans and more effective to insects and cockroaches. The boric acid substance may be found in your daily routine uses like paste, detergent. If the cockroach eats boric acid and dies. The remaining cockroaches will also die as they are not picky. Roaches even eat the dead cockroaches and they themselves die later . Thus the production of cockroaches will stop.

2. Apply Chalk Powder and Close All Gaps

Apply Chalk Powder and Close All Gaps

If you want to see your kitchen free from cockroaches, then you would need a line of protection. Wondering what this new concept is? Yes, it’s chalk and there are plenty of chalks available in the market which absolutely look like a black board chalk which is used for writing but this one is different. The moment you draw a line with this chalk,where you find more cockroaches passing by, this line will kill your roaches then and there. Your Job is done! But a line of precaution for kids, keep reaching out to them and ask them not to touch or play with it.

3. Place Gells on Corner

Place Gells on Corner

Wondering what kind of gel form can kill cockroaches. Yes, there is a gel which can kill roaches too . The innovative formula of using gel works the best for this household pest for cockroaches. The mechanism of this gel eliminates roaches by attracting them , later they eat the gel and get infected. The infected cockroach goes into its nest and dies due to the powerful effect of the gel.There are various brands for this gel , any gel works best in its own way of killing roaches. Buy this gel today and get rid of cockroaches permanently.

4. Clean Your House Thoroughly

clean your house thoroughly

Saying No to cockroaches has become a big challenge these days. They are the symbol of unhygienic surroundings. The easiest way to keep them away is to clean the house regularly and thoroughly then turn back to the hygienic environment. Always keep the kitchen neat and tidy. Remove the leftover food on time . This is again a self drive to make one’s house look spotless and well organised . With the simple work of turning dirt into cleanliness will give the primary solution to avoid cockroaches. The purity and sterile home solves major issues of roaches stepping inside a home.

5. Call for Pest Control

Call for Pest Control

This option to call for pest control services targets grown cockroaches and newly hatched eggs hidden in dark places of the house. As professional trainers come for pest control services they take all the preventive measures and advise the best progress of getting out of roaches’ issue. All the treatments are taken care under sterile conditions so that no one in the house is affected with this eradication of pests. Even chemicals are tested and approved for best results and to avoid side effects . Choosing this option is never a bad choice but it’s a little expensive procedure, which gives everlasting results.

6. Use Liquid Concentrations

use liquid concentration

Are you sick and tired of seeing the disgusting cockroaches in the home? Of Course roaches are the most hated creatures on earth but still people struggle with these nasty roaches all the time. The role of liquid concentrations like sprays have the defensive measures to drive out the ugliest roaches from your home. And some of the home remedies like mop using some floor cleaning solutions can even help in quitting the cockroaches. These sprays create invisible barriers to the entire kingdom of roaches at home. The most commonly used plan to terminate the problem of crawling roaches.

7. Store Bought Baits

store-bought baits

Baits actually means the food source which is used to trap insects and confuse them to eat and later they die. The bait is one of the pest strategies to get rid of cockroaches and it works miraculously to escape from the roaches forever. The food poisoning of the pest is considered to be a long term solution. If you have pets at home, then pet safe bait products are also available in the stores both online and offline. Keep in mind that it is toxic to humans , mark this caution while buying.

8. Cucumber and Bay leaves can keep Roaches away

Roaches will also have a typical behavior of having allergies to several ingredients we commonly use in the kitchen. Cucumber and Bay Leaves are the one’s which will irritate roaches and keep them away. If you place these items, then it’s gonna change the kitchen from plenty of roaches to none. This is a DIY solution and anyone can try these ingredients. Have an attempt by crushed powdered bay leaves sprinkled on the areas where you find more roaches. Placing a fresh sliced or peeled cucumber would also serve the need.

9. Natural Remedies like Sugar Baking soda

Natural Remedies like Sugar Baking soda

Want to explore more adaptive methods for elimination of roaches. Mostly these scariest crawling insects feed on leftovers of food , so baking soda and sugar crystals are one the finest natural remedy for quitting cockroaches. Roaches infest on food residuals and make the house look ugly and unhygienic. Using this natural method will end the battle of killing the crawling bugs called cockroaches.

10. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Experiencing difficulties because of cockroaches in your home? You are not all alone to suffer with this unhygienic issue, as every house is so familiar with this household pest. Cockroaches usually come inside for various reasons. Widely used, the best natural remedy is lemon juice. The smell of lemon repels the cockroaches so strongly that they walk far away. Hence it is advisable to mop floors with few drops of lemon. Most effective way for the well being of a family without roaches.

The best killing strategies are composed right above the conclusion. Have a look at the treatment plans to quit cockroaches ,which will serve you better than any other ideas. It sounds simple in trapping concepts of roaches but will amaze you when you put it into practice. Ideally these above mentioned ways will put an end to the crawling bugs.

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