Best Lawn Mowers in India: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

best lawn mower in india

What is a lawnmower?

Lawnmowers are perfect devices for trimming the grass in the garden for making the garden look better. They help in ensuring uniformity of the grass in the lawn just by pushing the mower. You can even remove the unwanted weeds with them. Without this tool, the task becomes very hectic and needs a lot of time and energy. Let us see some of the best lawn mowers available for online purchase.

Best Lawn Mowers in India: 2022:

1. Sharpex 1800 Watt Electric Lawn Mower

sharpex 1800 watt electric lawn mower

Sharpex 1800 Watt Lawn Mower runs on electricity.

It has sharp razors and is made up of durable material.

A frayed and rugged turf can be seen after using it which creates a professionally manicured look.

It comes with an extra blade, a cleaning cloth, and a cleaning brush.


  • Brand: Sharpex
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Power: 1800 Watt
  • Pump type: Manual
  • Item Weight: 51 kg
  • Blades: 16 Inch Cutting Blade
  • Motor: 2800 RPM electric motor
  • Power source type: Corded Electric
  • Package Dimensions: 88.6 x 61.6 x 52.8 cm; 50.98 Kilograms
  • Package Include: 1 Electric Lawn Mower with 100 Feet clearly visible florescent orange cable, 1 extra blade, grinding attachment, tool kit, 1 cleaning cloth and 1 cleaning brush
  • It has a 55 lt grass box for easy collection of grass.
  • Blades are made using heat-treated alloy steel that remains sharp even after multiple uses.
  • Job can be quickly done because of the 16-inch cutting path.
  • Handle height can be adjusted as per convenience.
  • Easy to store as it is compact and has a slim frame.
  • It comes with a 100 feet cable in fluorescent orange to ensure clear visibility.
  • No demerits.

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2. Makita ELM3720 Electric Lawn Mower

makita elm3720 electric lawn mower

Makita ELM3720 Lawn Mower is electrically operated and is suitable for a mowing area of 500 m².

It has a grass level indicator to show if the grass box is full.


  • Brand: Makita
  • Color: Multi-color
  • Warranty: 6 Months
  • Power: 1400 Watt
  • Power source type: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 11.6 Kilograms
  • Pump type: Manual
  • Cutting Width: 370 mm (14 – 1/2″)
  • Cutting Height: 20 – 55 mm (13/16″ – 2-3/16″)
  • Recommended Mowing Area: 500 m²
  • Grass Box Capacity: 40 L
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 133 x 415 x 890 Centimetres
  • It comes with a grass box of 40 l capacity.
  • Edge trimming feature helps to cut close to walls as well as around the obstacles.
  • The lever is D-shaped cutting height adjusting with an overhand grip.
  • Extension wire could have been longer for better convenience.

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3. Kisankraft KK-LME-1000 Electric Lawn Mower

kisankraft kk-lme-1000 electric lawn mower

Kisankraft KK-LME-1000 Lawn Mower is made using good quality plastic and is electrically operated.

It has a 25 lt grass box.


  • Brand: Kisan Kraft
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Multi-Colored
  • Item Dimension: 69 cm x 32 cm x 44 cm
  • Weight: 14 Kg
  • Included Components: 1 Lawn Mover
  • Cutting Height Range (mm): 30-60 mm
  • Voltage: 230-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Cutting Width: 13 Inch
  • No. of Possible Height Adjustments: 3 Stage
  • Power: 1000 W Grass
  • Collecting Capacity: 25 Ltr
  • Motor/Engine Power (Hp): 1.3 HP
  • Speed (RPM): 2900 RPM
  • Source of Power: Electricity Only to cut grass/Lawn in garden, play ground
  • Easy to use.
  • Height can be adjusted for a comfortable experience.
  • Quality needs improvement.

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4. BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower

black+decker lawn mower

BLACK+DECKER Lawn Mower is electrically operated which is suitable for smaller lawns of 300 m².

Ergonomic design ensures easy steering.

The grass box provided with it has a 45 lt capacity.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 45 L
  • Cutting Width: 14 Inch
  • Color: Red and Black
  • Item Weight: 9.35 Kilograms
  • Pump type: Manual
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 63.7 x 35.6 x 34.5 Centimetres
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • It has a winged blade of 14 inches for an 80% better collection.
  • The height of the front and back axle can be adjusted from 20-60 cm.
  • There are just 2 settings and it doesn’t cut low enough.

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5. Falcon Premium 300mm Hand Lawn Mower

falcon premium 300mm hand lawn mower

Falcon Premium Lawn Mower is manually operated and comes with a grass collecting box.

The blades are placed along with the cylinder that rotates forward to cut the grass.


  • Brand: FALCON
  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Yellow and Black
  • Pump type: Manual
  • Item Weight: 11.96 Kilograms
  • Package Dimensions: 53 x 38 x 28 cm; 11.95 Kilograms
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • No dependency on electricity for operating it.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Difficult to assemble.

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6. Wolf-Garten Electric Lawn Mower

wolf-garten electric lawn mower

Wolf-Garten Electric Lawn Mower is lightweight and hence easy to operate.

It is made using plastic and has a sturdy build.


  • Brand: Wolf-Garten
  • Color: Red/Yellow
  • Power: 1600 W
  • Item Weight: 2 Kilograms
  • Cutting Width: 37 centimetres
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 139 x 40 x 110 Centimetres
  • Grass basket is made up of nylon mesh
  • Works on little damp foliage also.
  • A metallic body such as aluminum could have been sturdier.

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7. Greenworks 17-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

greenworks 17-inch 40v cordless lawn mower

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower operates with a lithium battery.

Lightweight and versatile with a 17” deck.


  • Brand: Greenworks
  • Color: Green/Black
  • Cutting Width: 17 Inches
  • Item Weight: 16.43 Kilograms
  • Power source type: Battery Powered
  • Cutting Height: 1-1/4 inch to 3-3/8-inch
  • Included Components: Mower, Manual
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 132.2 x 48.8 x 104.1 Centimetres
  • It comes with a rear grass collection bag and has mulching capacity too.
  • Height adjustment for better convenience.
  • Poor battery performance.

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Benefits Of Using A Lawn Mower

Here are the advantages of using a lawnmower:

1. A Cleaner Look:

A lawnmower makes your garden and nearby areas look tidier by getting rid of the grasses and weeds.

2. Safe to Use:

This tool is safe to use as there is no chance of direct contact with the blades for accomplishing the job.

3. Convenient Operation:

You can easily operate a lawn mower simply by powering it up and moving it around smoothly. If there is any furniture or objects on the lawn, make sure to remove them for convenience.

4. Saves Labor Charges:

Employing people to complete the task will not just take more time but will be expensive too. Hence it saves money in the long run. Besides this, you can remain active by moving around and burning calories during the cleaning task.

5. Therapeutic Effect:

The smell of cutting the grass has a therapeutic effect on the human mind, so it is relaxing.

Best Lawn Mowers in India – Buying Guide & Tips:

Check the following parameters while purchasing a lawnmower:

1. Features:

The lawnmower should have a clear interface to use its features without a lot of complexities. There should be the optimum number of buttons in the control panel for conveniently operating it.

2. Powering up the Device:

Some lawnmowers can be started by petrol and some by electricity. Operating the latter is easier.

3. Bagging and Mulching:

You can renew your lawn by using side and rear bagging lawn mowers. These not just clip the grasses but gather them.
In the mulching mowers, the grass will be shred into small pieces with the help of mulching blades so that they can be used as natural fertilizer in the soil.

4. Wider Cutting Blades:

These ensure quicker cleaning of the lawn area by removing the grasses in a fewer number of rounds.

5. Noise During Operation:

If you have people around you who are disturbed by loud noise, then it is essential to check the noise level as these devices have a noisy operation.

6. Power Consumed:

It depends on the area mowed. Electric mowers are needed for larger lawns otherwise manual mowers would be perfect.

7. Types of lawnmowers:

Lawnmowers are of different types so based on your requirement; you can choose a certain type.

8. Speed of Blade:

The lawnmower should have high-speed blades. It is better to have 1 high-speed blade or more blades as one high-speed blade can do the work of regular 6-10 blades.

9. Check the lawn Size:

This is important because it will determine if a smaller or a bigger lawnmower is needed. Smaller ones are enough for small and medium-sized lawns.

10. Ease of Operation:

The device should be easy to maneuver. So check if it has a better handle and controls.

11. Ease of Maintenance:

You should be able to maintain the device easily on your own without having to hire anyone for this.

12. Longevity:

A lawnmower should have features that make it last longer. This includes advanced technologies like maxi-clean filters or the overhead value technology (OHV) that makes the engine more durable.

13. Size of the Deck:

Deck size shows the wideness of the mower blades. The general size of the decks is 20-70 inches, though most of them have a width of 30-60 inches. With wider decks, less time will be needed for mowing the lawn as it will cover a larger path in each pass. It has just one drawback, which is to pass around the obstacles such as bushes and flower beds where you will find smaller decks more advantageous to maneuver.

14. Accessories:

Check if the lawnmower comes with different accessories as it will enhance the utility of the device. Some accessories are utility carts for transporting tools and materials, snow blowers, fertilizer spreaders, rakes, lawn aerators, dump carts, lawn rollers, grass clipping, etc.

Different Types Of Lawn Mowers:

Based on the type of blade, lawnmowers are of the following types:

1. Cylinder Lawn or Reel Mower:

It uses the rotary motion of wheels to spin instead of electricity and has 5-12 rotating blades at the front end for trapping, cutting, and rotating the grass. You should get one with a higher number of blades for better performance. This is perfect for smaller courtyards and gardens and not the long cutting grass. It doesn’t have a grass collection box.

2. Rotary Lawn Mower:

They just have one high-speed blade running in the horizontal plane for cutting the grass till their size is completely reduced. There is a box for collecting the grass

Based on Power, Lawnmowers are of the Following Types:

1. Electric Mower:

As the name indicates, they run on electricity instead of mechanically. Their corded and cordless models are available. An extension cord is used in the corded model for connecting to an external source of power. In the case of a cordless model, rechargeable lithium batteries are used.

2. Gas Mower:

They operate on gas and are very efficient in accomplishing the job.

3. Battery Power:

They use lithium-ion batteries for operating and the efficiency depends on the number of batteries used in the device.

You can replace the batteries overtime when they exhaust completely.

4. Manual Power:

It uses a mechanical rotation of wheels for spinning the cutting blades to accomplish the task. Manual effort is needed in this, which needs time and can be exhausting too but they are cheaper compared to the electrical mowers. If you have a smaller lawn, this is the perfect option.

After knowing all the aspects of lawnmowers, you can easily decide which is best for your lawn. Refer to our buying guide and the products enlisted above for getting the best one for your courtyard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How long does a mower last?

Ans: A good lawn mower lasts long, for at least 5-6 years.

Q. How to get a striped finish on a lawn?

Ans: Check for a lawnmower that comes with a roller for flattening the grass while mowing. This is possible in the case of heavier mowers that leave a strip on the lawn.

Q. Are cordless lawn mowers better than corded ones?

Ans: In the case of cordless lawn mowers, you have the freedom of movement as it is not restricted by a cord as in the case of corded lawn mowers. But the batteries need to be recharged so you can’t operate them continuously as in the case of corded lawnmowers. So based on your requirement, you can opt for it.

Q. How does a self-propelled lawn mower work?

Ans: They operate on a drive system that needs the operator to squeeze a bar on the handle for engaging the mower. After this, it will move ahead on its own without the need for pushing it.

Q. Is it easy to maintain electric lawn mowers?

Ans: Yes, they are easy to maintain and reliable too. Also, they do not have a very louder noise during operation.

Q. How is a rotary mower different from a cylinder mower?

Ans: Lawnmowers generally have a rotary blade that spins around a central point under the mower for cutting the grass while turning.
In the case of a cylinder mower, the grass will be cut to get a finish as if it was done by the scissors, resulting in a nicer finish.
For long grasses, rotary mowers are better compared to cylindrical mowers.

Q. Is the front-wheel mower better or the real wheel mower?

Ans: Front-wheel mowers are better for flat surfaces where you can tip and turn it quickly but the rear wheel mowers are better in hilly terrain as it offers better traction at the center of the lawnmower.

Q. What is the general noise level produced by a lawnmower?

Ans: Lawnmowers produce 75-decibel sounds which is equivalent to that produced by a cloth washer.

Q. Are gas lawn mowers better?

Ans: They have better efficiency but produce louder sound during operation. It is about 95 decibels equivalent to that of a motorcycle.

Q. How are electric and gas lawn mowers different?

Ans: Gas lawn mowers emit ozone-depleting substances, unlike electric lawnmowers. Maintaining the gas lawn mowers is difficult as you have to pull a cord to start it where are electric lawn mowers are easy to operate and maintain.
For smaller lawns, electric models are better. Larger lawns need gas lawn mowers as these are more efficient.

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