10 Best Mosquito Nets in India 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

best mosquito nets in india

A mosquito bite can result in diseases. If you use mosquito repellants, they harm your health in the long run. The bites are even irritating and painful, which makes the skin look ugly. So, it is important to ensure protection from these insects and this is what brings the mosquito net into the picture. It even prevents other insects from entering inside so that you can sleep peacefully.

What is a Mosquito Net?

It is a protective covering made of mesh-like structure with holes small enough that prevent the entry of mosquitoes or similarly sized insects. This doesn’t block fresh air so you can sleep or sit inside it peacefully without feeling suffocated.

Why are Mosquito Nets so Important?

Mosquito Nets are important to avoid mosquito bites that are the cause of deadly diseases like Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and

Best Mosquito Nets in India: 2022

1. Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size Double Bed

classic mosquito net foldable king size double bed

Classic Mosquito Net is perfectly made up of terylene material and for a king-sized double bed.

It automatically pops up.

Easy to install and carry anywhere because it can be stored in a small bag.


  • Brand: Classic Mosquito Net Store
  • Color: Orange
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 380 g
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 200 cm x 200 cm (6.5 ft x 6.5 ft)
  • Included Components: 1-Mosquito Net , 2-Pair Star Patch & 1- user manual
  • There are zippers on the entry and exit of the net
  • Holes are small enough to keep away mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Larger internal space for ensuring breathability.
  • Washable.
  • Folding and unfolding every day can tear it off.

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2. Healthy Sleeping Foldable Polyester Double Bed Mosquito Net

healthy sleeping foldable polyester double bed mosquito net

Healthy Sleeping mosquito net is made up of washable polyester material.

Suitable for double beds.

You can carry it easily as it is lightweight.


  • Brand: Healthy Sleeping
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Light Pink
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 400 g
  • Item Dimension: 182.88 cm x 182.88 cm x 124.96 cm
  • Package Contents: 1 Double Bed Mosquito Net ; Fine mesh provides excellent protection
  • You get a free storage bag with large zippers.
  • Easy to assemble and wind up in just 30 seconds.
  • Self-support design.
  • Feels warm during winters because of the polyester material.
  • It has extra cloth at the bottom to prevent any gaps.
  • Washing it causes the metallic part to rust.

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3. AmazingHind Mosquito Net

amazinghind mosquito net

AmazingHind Mosquito Net is oval-shaped and is perfect for practicing yoga and meditation in an open space.

It comes with double interlocking and solid pipes that keep the net intact in shape.

Perfect for adults as well as kids.


  • Brand: AmazingHind
  • Color: Multi Color
  • Material: Polyester
  • Shape: Oval
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 990 g
  • Included Components: Carry Bag
  • Size: 210 cm x 104 cm
  • Height: 92 cm
  • Dimensions: When folded: 64 cm x 64 cm x 4 cm (Length x breadth x height)
  • It has zipped doors that are easy to access.
  • Floor and mesh are made up of polyester that keeps all insects away.
  • Foldable and comes with a carry bag for easy portability.
  • Taller people won’t find it very congested.

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4. Story@Home Mosquito Net

story@home mosquito net

Story@Home Mosquito Net comes with a stylish design.

Its holes are small enough to keep mosquitoes as well as other insects away.



  • Brand: Story@Home
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 399 g
  • Included Components: 1 Mosquito Net
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 200 x 200 x 145 Centimetres
  • Spacious
  • Zipper gates ensure easy entry and exit.
  • Lightweight and hence easy to carry.
  • Self-supporting the design and hence no need for nails.
  • Quality could have been better.

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5. Athena Creations Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net

athena creations double bed foldable mosquito net

Athena Creations mosquito net is suitable for double beds.

It comes with polyester material that is durable.

Terylene material is breathable.


  • Brand: Athena Creations
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 100 g
  • Zipper: 2 zipper gates for easy movement
  • Package Contents: 1 Piece Mosquito Net and Cover
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 200 x 200 x 145 Centimetres
  • Easy entry and exit through zipper gates.
  • Easy to carry because of lightweight.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • The zipper could have been better quality.

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6. GALOPPIA Foldable Mosquito Net

galoppia foldable mosquito net

GALOPPIA mosquito net comes with extra fabric on the sides that can be easily tucked into the bed.

It is made up of durable polyester material.

You get a bag with it for storage and easily carry it anywhere while traveling.


  • Brand: GALOPPIA
  • Color: Purple
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 140 g
  • Size: 200 cm (6 ft) X 120 cm (4 ft) X 140 cm
  • Included Components: Mosquito Net
  • Breathable space inside.
  • Prevents entry of smaller insects too.
  • Foldable
  • Quality could have been better.

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7. AL Sunnah Mosquito Net

al sunnah mosquito net

AL Sunnah Mosquito Net is made using the finest mesh that keeps away all types of mosquitoes.

It has a full mesh bottom which ensures complete coverage that is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor usage.

You can use it for sunbathing safely on your lawn, use it in your living room, and camping.


  • Brand: Al Sunnah
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PNP Coated Fabrics & Butterfly Net
  • Size: 6.5 FT
  • Item Weight: 3 kg 200 g
  • Included Components: 1 Net Cover bag with pocket
  • Package Dimensions: 29 x 28 x 3 cm; 3.2 Kilograms
  • It can be installed easily.
  • Foldable and easy to carry during trips too.
  • Encryption yarn is used for making it, which is quite durable.
  • Taller persons may not find it comfortable to use.

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8. Healthgenie King Size Mosquito Net

healthgenie king size mosquito net

Healthgenie mosquito net is suitable for king-sized beds.

It is made using durable polyester material.

Net is fine enough to keep away all other insects besides mosquitoes.


  • Brand: Healthgenie
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 300 g
  • Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 145 cm
  • Size Bed: (6*6/ 6.5*6.5/ 7*7 feet)
  • Package Contents: 1 mosquito net, 1 folding instruction manual, 1 repair kit
  • 2 zipper gates ensure easy entry and exit.
  • Lightweight and hence easy to carry anywhere.
  • You can use it during outdoor activities.
  • Foldable.
  • Quality is not up to the mark.

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9. Classic Foldable Mosquito Net (Single Bed)

classic foldable mosquito net (single bed)

Classic Mosquito Net is suitable for a single bed.

It is a self-supporting type, hence no need for nails on the walls.

You get a storage bag with it.

The Terylene material used in it is durable and breathable too.


  • Brand: Classic Mosquito Net Store
  • Color Name: Pink
  • Material: Polyester & Polyester Blend
  • Item Weight: 1 kg 10 g
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 58 x 58 x 1 Centimetres
  • Size: 200 cm X 130 cm X 120 cm (i.e. 6.56 ft X 4.2 ft X 3.9 ft)
  • Included Components: 1-Mosquito Net , 2-Pair Star Patch & 1- user manual
  • It is foldable and hence easily portable.
  • There are larger zipper gates for easy entry and exit.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Quality could have been better.

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10. Shoo Moski® Foldable Mosquito Net

shoo moski® foldable mosquito net

Shoo Moski® Mosquito Net is made using superior quality polyester material that lasts long.

Easy to secure under the mattress to prevent the entry of insects.


  • Brand: Shoo Moski
  • Color Name: Pink
  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 2 kg 200 g
  • Size: 200 cm x 200 cm x 160 cm
  • Package Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 5 cm; 2.2 Kilograms
  • There are 3 zipper doors for convenient entry and exit.
  • Spring frame used is strong and durable.
  • Saves space since it is foldable.
  • It starts sagging after using it regularly for a few months.

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Best Mosquito Nets in India Buying Guide & Tips:

Some parameters to check while purchasing a mosquito net are as follows:

1. Size of the Mosquito Net:

You should always go for a spacious mosquito net to ensure complete coverage of your bed. The net holes should be 1.2mm x 1.2 mm. Bed size, as well as mattress thickness, should also be checked for getting the correct size so that no gaps are left for insects to enter in. A perfectly fitting net won’t have to be unevenly tucked under the mattress and hence you can sleep peacefully.

2. Mosquito Net Shape:

Pyramid nets are good for individual use but if there are more than 1 person rectangular ones are better. We will discuss more on shapes in the upcoming section.

3. Material Quality:

The mosquito nets are often made up of polyester and cotton. If you need something lightweight, polyester is good. They are travel-friendly since they dry up quickly and are weather-resistant whereas the cotton ones are not.
Cotton mosquito nets are comfortable during outdoor usage but they can attract dust and cause allergies.

4. Color of the Net:

Mostly they are available in white color as insects don’t get easily attracted to it. But some small nets come in various colors for kids, so you can choose as per your need.

5. Mosquito Net Style:

You can buy mosquito nets that can be hung from the top or from multiple points in your room or bed. There are wedge-style nets that can be hung to a sleeping position from 1-2 points. Other spacious styles are of box type which can be hung from 4 different points.

6. Efficient Design:

A mosquito net must have an efficient design. For example, insects can be prevented from entering in if it has a tightly woven design with about 25-300 holes per square inch. 1.2 mm is the best hole size for keeping away mosquitoes

7. Net Should have Good Durability:

If you get cheaper low-quality mosquito nets, then there will be tears that will easily let in the mosquito, thus it won’t be of any use. So, always get a durable material that would last long enough to serve the purpose for which it was bought.

8. Ease of Use:

Setting up the mosquito net should be easy otherwise you would always feel reluctant to use it. For hanging the nets, there should be a suitable frame available on the bed. If not, there are pop-up nets that can be used as they don’t need any extra support.

The shape of the Mosquito Nets:

Here are the various types of mosquito nets available for purchase:

1. Box Mosquito Nets:

If you have double beds, these are a good option as they need more storage space.

After putting it on the net, you will get a box-like shape.


  • Spacious.
  • Comfortable because of better air circulation.


  • You will need 4 points for hanging otherwise you can’t use it.

2. Wedge Mosquito Nets

You can find these generally in hotels, tents, or outdoor bedding.

There is more area on the top than the bottom because of the wedge shape.


  • You can pack them easily and hence travel friendly.
  • It can be assembled easily.
  • Less expensive.


  • Less internal space.
  • If you don’t like sleeping in a compact area, you won’t like it.

3. Bell Mosquito Nets

They have a bell shape with just one point for suspension.

At a shorter distance from the top, you can find an internal spreader for better hanging and volume enhancement.


  • Lower end of the set comes with a heavy fabric for better reinforcement.
  • Spacious internal volume.
  • You can use it for temporary arrangements as well as permanent beds.


  • A string suspension point is needed to hang the net.
  • For better spreading more fabric is used that makes it bulky, and hence difficult to carry.

4. Freestanding Mosquito Net

These are tent-shaped mosquito nets of different sizes.

It doesn’t have any hooks or strings attached to it for hanging like other types of mosquito nets.


  • Lightweight and hence easy to carry.
  • No external support is needed for using them.
  • There are 256 holes per square inch that efficiently keep away the insects.
  • Compact and hence feels warmer to sleep.
  • You can easily wash it in the machine.


  • Price is on the higher end.
  • Packing them is difficult to carry because
  • Smaller internal volume might make you feel suffocated.

Why are Mosquito Nets Important?

These are important not just at home but also when you are going out for a trip where there are even more chances of pests and mosquitoes attacking you and leading to unfavorable circumstances.

How Effective are Mosquito Nets?

Mosquito nets that are purchased by taking the right measurements of bed and mattress or any other size where it has to be used are always effective in keeping away mosquitoes and other insects. They should have enough internal space for better air circulation and hence making you feel comfortable.

How to Fold a Mosquito Net?

Mosquito nets can be folded in the following ways:

Pop Up Mosquito Net: Break it Down:

  • You need to close all the openings in the mosquito net and zip them all before starting to fold it.
  • Pinch the middle of the net’s top with your left hand and lift it. This will result in automatically folding the sides inwards as you keep pulling the net from the top. Grab the net corner towards your side using your right hand, while lifting the net.
  • Directly fold the two remaining sections one on another. Grab the left section with your left hand and the right section using your right hand. Line up the edges by bringing them together.
  • Stack all the sides on the other. With both your hands, hold the net at the zipper line. Make sure to hold it in the right place for folding it properly.
    Push the sides of the net inwards with both your hands. While squeezing, push it down and away.
  • Hold the outer edge of the leftmost section using your left hand and pull it in your left-hand directly on the top of the remaining section to line the edges up.
  • Grab the top of the pinched section with your left hand and continue pinching the net with the right hand. Then pull the pinched section directly above the other 2 sections.
  • Then put this folded net into a carrying case and place a thick rubber band around it.

Benefits of Using Mosquito Nets:

The advantages of using mosquito nets are:

  • Protection from diseases.
  • Safe for kids to play indoor games inside it.
  • Comfortably practice yoga and meditate inside it.
  • A travel companion to save you from harmful insect bites.

Insecticide Treated Nets(ITN):

These are the nets treated with Permethrin or longer-lasting Pyrethroids like Deltamethrin or Duralin. They do not just prevent insects from biting you but they also get killed.

Some of them which are long-lasting Insecticide-treated nets (LLINs) remain impactful even after washing them a few times. Generally, they have a life span of 6 or more months based on the way they are cared for.
With such nets, you don’t have to worry about insect bites even if you accidentally touch the net while sleeping.

Tips for Using Mosquito Netting

1. Select the correct Size for Your Bed:

If you are getting the mosquito net for your bed, make sure to measure it well, so that it perfectly fits and is not oversize or undersized.

2. Get a Good Brand:

Good brand mosquito nets are of superior quality which doesn’t tear easily and hence last long.

3. Better to Wash Your Mosquito Net Using Hands:

Even when your machine washes it, make sure to do it gently otherwise there are chances of tearing or widening of the hole.

4. Safe Storage:

Make sure to store the mosquito net safely in storage bags when it is not needed. This is important to make it last longer.

5. Thoroughly Check Your Net Before Use:

See if there are any kinds of tears or damage in the net before using it to make sure that it serves the purpose for which you will be using it.

Now when you know everything about mosquito nets, it will be easy for you to get the best one for your home use or your trips. Invest in a good quality net to make it last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How can a mosquito net be cleaned easily?
Ans: Dust off any dirt if you can find them visible on the net. Then dip it in a tub full of warm water and mild detergent. Soak it for some time and then wash it using your hands and then dry it.

Q. Is there any fixed duration after which mosquito nets should not be used?
Ans: No, there is no such expiry date but you need to see if it is still in good condition, there is no harm in using it. A properly cared net will easily last for 2-3 years.

Q. Can mosquito nets easily catch fire?
Ans: Yes, if they are made up of polyester then they will catch fire. So better to keep any such lighting items.

Q. What other insects can mosquito nets be helpful for?
Ans: The mosquito nets are useful for any insects that are the size of the mosquitos and bigger than them, such as spiders, cockroaches, and others.

Q. Is it safe to use a mosquito net for babies?
Ans: Yes, they are safe for babies. A spacious one should be used for them to ensure their safety by preventing getting entangled.

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