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Top 10 Best 4K TV In India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Televisions are one of the major sources of entertainment and escape from reality. From action movies to psychological thrillers, we all have our favourite character hidden somewhere between us. Televisions show a variety of content and for the best experience, you need the best televisions. Here’s a list of top 10 4K televisions.

Top 10 Best 4K TV In India

1. Phillips 120 cm (50”) 6600 Series 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV 50PUT6604/94 (black) (2020 Model)

philips 6500 series 4k uhd led smart tv

This new European Design borderless television enables you to explore your entertainment experience. A perfect combination of Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos sound keeps you engaged completely into the action. HDR 10+ supporting display.


  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution with a Refresh Rate of 60 hertz
  • 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, gaming console and blu ray players for connectivity
  • Dolby Atmos 20 watts sound output
  • Based on SAPHI operating system.
  • 2 year is a standard warranty.
  • Can be casted wirelessly.
  • Made in India, hence many service centers.
  • Great sound
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Limited apps
  • No android
  • No Bluetooth

Rating: 4/5

2. LG 139 cm (55”) K UHD Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD

lg 55 inches 55um7290ptd 4k uhd smart led tv

4K resolutions are an upgraded version of high definition which enables you to experience more realistic images with proper details and fine colours on the IPS display which offers 4 times the better quality than full HD. Comes with a quad core processor and a built in DTS virtual X for audio.


  • 4K resolution, 50 Hz refresh rate.
  • 3HDMI ports , 2 USB ports, gaming console and blu ray player.
  • 20 watts sound output.
  • Magic mobile connection
  • AI ThinQ
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty and additional 1 year warranty on panel/module.
  • Web OS based
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Great sound
  • Great image quality
  • HDR 10+
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Magic remote does not come with the package
  • Limited apps
  • Not android

Rating: 4.2/5

3. Sanyo 139 cm (55”) Kaizen Series 4K Ultra HD Certified Android LED TV XT-55UHD45 (Black) 2020 Model

sanyo 55 inch 4k uhd smart led tv

Enjoy the latest Sanyo Kaizen Series, the best of Japanese technology. Bringing the world of entertainment, This Sanyo TV runs on Certified Android 9.0 and has all major video streaming apps. its Super bright 4K panel and Dolby Audio is the perfect combination for the best experience of movies. Let Sanyo kaizen series 4K TV enter your life and give you the best entertainment experience.


  • 4K Ultra HD resolution with a Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • 3 HDMI ports, gaming consoles, streaming devices with 2 USB ports and a Headphone Out
  • Sound: 20 Watts Output with Dolby Audio
  • Smart TV Features: Android 9.0 with Bluetooth Remote with voice search.
  • HDR10 display
  • 1 year brand warranty.
  • The return policy for this product says it can be returned within 10 days of delivery.
  • Stylish ergonomic remote
  • Android 9.0
  • Bluetooth
  • Two way audio link
  • 1.07 billion colour display.
  • Bluetooth version 4
  • Does not support amazon prime yet.

Rating: 4.3/5

4. TCL 108 CMS 43” AI 4 K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P8 Black 2019 Model

tcl 108 cm (43 inch) ultra hd (4k) led smart android tv (43p8)

Enjoy the next generation smart TV with AI voice interaction, AI picture and AI sound engine which upgrades your television experience. Along with that comes the HDR 10, micro dimming and HLG for best quality output in pictures. Operating with the latest Android version – android pie (9), this television is simply amazing.


  • 4K UHD with refresh rate 60 Hertz
  • 2 HDMI ports, a USB port and Blu- ray players.
  • 20 watts sound output
  • Smart features including AI Google assistant, T- cast + Google cast, Bluetooth
  • Display – UHD , HDR and micro dimming
  • Warranty for 18 months
  • Easy returns within 10 days of purchase.
  • Access to Bluetooth
  • Latest Android Pie (9)
  • AI voice interaction
  • Only 2 HDMI and 1 USB slot provided.
  • Originated from China, hence limited service centers.

Rating: 4/5

5. Mi TV 4X 163.9 cm (65”) 4K UHD LED TV Black

mi led smart tv 4x 163.9 cm (65)

This 65 inch television is one of the best as it provides great cinematic experience and what enhances that experience is its 4 speaker design. Dolby audio DTS|HD with slim 2.25 inch woofer, 13mm x 26 mm tweeter and finally the base enhancement port. Moreover they are made more lively by the light theme offered by it.


  • 4K UHD, refresh rate 60 Hz
  • 3 HDMI and USB ports each, gaming console
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Display: 4K HDR wide color gamut.
  • Android TV
  • Voice search options
  • 1 year warranty on TV and 2 years on panel.
  • Returns within 10 days of delivery
  • More number of ports both HDMI and USB.
  • 5000+ apps can be downloaded from play store
  • Kids mode with parental lock.
  • Google data saver mode to watch more.
  • Made in china , hence doesn’t have many service centers.

Rating: 3.7/5

6. One Plus 138.8 cm (55”)Q1 Series 4K Certified QLEF TV 55Q1IN-1 (Black)(Without Stand)

oneplus 138.8 cm (55 inches) q1 series 4k certified android qled tv 55q1in-1 (black) (without stand)

This one plus TV is based on the theme imagination and intelligence. This 4k TV comes with an OLED display and Dolby vision and the best part about this television apart from its amazing picture quality is its 50 watts Dolby sound output. Furthermore there are features like noise cancellation which makes the cinematic experience even better and it comes with a minimal designed one plus remote with an interesting approach to uplift your entertainment experiences.


  • 4K UHD, with a motion rate of 480 Hz
  • 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports along with gaming console and blu ray players.
  • Dolby Atmos 50 watts Sound output, 2 full range and subwoofers
  • Supports HDR 10, HDR 10+ and HLG Decode.
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty and additional one year warranty on panel
  • Replaceable within 10 days of delivery.
  • Oxygen OS
  • 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports
  • Latest Android Pie (9)
  • 50 watts sound output.
  • Made in china, hence not too many service centers.
  • Table top stand to be purchased separately.

Rating: 4.1/5

7. Sony Bravia 108 cm (43”) 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43X7400H Black (2020 model)

sony bravia 43 inch 4k ultra hd smart tv

This TV comes with one of the most powerful processors i.e.X1 4K processor. The colours are deep and rich which leads to a more realistic cinematic experience. The display is triluminos and smooth and sharp details can be enjoyed even in fast-moving sequences. Comes with Dolby audio wherein you get bass reflex speakers. Based on the Android operating system, this television defines picture quality in its own unique ways.


  • 4K UHD | refresh rate 50 Hz
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports , gaming console and Blu- ray players.
  • 20 watts sound output, bass reflex speakers
  • Voice search | Chromecast | 4K HDR gaming.
  • Narrow bezel design
  • Motion flow XR | 4K X reality pro display
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Replacement within 10 days of delivery.
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Can be wall mounted.
  • Triluminos graphics coprocessor
  • Bass reflex speakers
  • Batteries are included.
  • No access to Bluetooth.

Rating: 4.7/5

8. VU 108 cm 43” UHD Smart Android LED TV | With 5-Hotkeys 43UT Black (2020 Model)

vu 108 cm (43 inches) 4k ultra hd smart led tv

This television comes with one of the fastest response times i.e. 8 milliseconds. Apart from ultra-edge 4K displays it has 40% enhancement in brightness can be observed. Comes with ultrasonic sound Dolby audio, 24 watts output. The remote is a Vu activoice remote with OTT hotkeys on it. Enjoy unlimited content streaming with licensed latest Android Pie 9.


  • UHD with 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, gaming console and blu ray players
  • Dolby audio, trubass HDX, trusurround X and dialogue clarity.
  • Robotic assembly, Bezel less design and long durability.
  • Android pie 9.0
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Activoice remote control
  • DTS Virtual-X surround sound
  • Latest Android pie 9.0
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Inbuilt hotkeys of Netflix, prime video, youtube, hotstar and google play.
  • Batteries are required and included.

Rating: 4.4/5

9. Kodak 127 cm (50”) 4K UHD Certified Android LED TV 50UHDX7XPRO (Black) 2020 Model

kodak 50 inch ultra hd smart android led tv

Kodak android TV 7X pro series offers you New York’s finest technology in terms of display and performance. Comes with a unique USP about its audio that says don’t just listen to music, feel it. Cortex A53 Quad Core Processor and Mali450 GPU helps TV run at lightning fast speed and enjoy superior gaming visuals. It’s multiple options connectivity eases out the job. Together with it comes the ergonomic remote with hotkeys.


  • 4K UHD | 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports with gaming console and blu ray players
  • 24 watts sound output
  • Android TV | Chromecast | HDR gaming and voice Search.
  • Superior slim, sleek and stylish design.
  • 1 Year comprehensive manufacturing warranty
  • Voice search option
  • Slim and sleek remote
  • Multiple options of connectivity
  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Batteries required
  • 6 feet operating distance

Rating: 4.3/5

10. Samsung 139 cm (55”) 4K UHD LED Smart TV UA55NU7090KXXL Black 2019 Model

samsung 55 inch ultra hd 4k smart led tv

This television enables Indians to enjoy superior picture and sound quality in 4K resolution. It’s superior sleek design helps in improving your living room looks. This smart TV allows you to watch videos, listen to music or share images with help of USB, internet or your Samsung phone itself. based on the Tizen operating system, this television showcases smooth and fast functioning.


  • 4K UHD resolution with 60 Hz refresh rate.
  • 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port along with gaming console and blu ray players.
  • Built in WiFi and some free applications
  • 20 watts sound output
  • Real UDH, A grade LED panel.
  • Sleek, slim and stylish design
  • Can be mounted to wall
  • 1 Year standard and 1 year additional warranty by Samsung.
  • Easy Returns within 10 days from delivery.
  • Slim and stylish design.
  • Built in WiFi, smart TV with free applications.
  • Just 1 USB port.
  • Batteries included and required.
  • Doesn’t support Bluetooth technology.

Rating: 4.2/5

4K TV Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

  1. Look for the television that promises best resolution with great speakers elsewise you will need to buy additional speakers.
  2. Give priority to television with more USB and HDMI ports.
  3. Always have an upper hand over televisions with Bluetooth connectivity and WiFi connectivity.
  4. Make sure beforehand the apps you want in your TV are already installed or can be installed later. Not all TV’s support all kinds of applications.
  5. Look for televisions with mounting options so you can adjust television where you want to inside your house.
  6. Television are luxury items so do give importance to warranty period and returning options.
  7. Make sure everything comes with the television and you need not spend extra bucks on the optimal requirement i.e. remotes, speakers etc.
  8. Always prefer the latest Android with the best operating system for smooth functioning of the television.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Is this television made in India or china?

Ans. As from the recent renovation and changes made in India for becoming self-dependent, people of India are generally avoiding china made/ based products. India is trying to sell china based products as least as it can.

Q. Does this television support Bluetooth connectivity?

Ans. Not all televisions support Bluetooth connectivity and some may support the previous versions of Bluetooth but it is always better to prioritise TV with Bluetooth connectivity.

Q. Does the remotes support voice formats?

Ans. Some remotes support voice formats and some don’t. But the ones which support are always preferred.

Q. Does it have Dolby Atmos audio?

Ans. When it comes to TV, Dolby Atmos becomes a key feature as it is one of the best and most known audio technology.

Q. Does the television support all video streaming applications?

Ans. We human beings have a wide range of interests when it comes to videos or movies and all that we desire cannot be found in 1 application itself. Some televisions do support all the major leading video streaming applications while others are restricted to only a few of them.

Televisions are not bought and cannot be bought on a daily basis, so it is always better to do proper research and find the best television that can fulfill all your cinematic desires.

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