8 Best Portable Air Conditioners In India: 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Portable Air Conditioners in india

Portable air conditioners are designed by keeping in mind comfort and mobility. This is useful for people who do not have enough space for installing AC. Let us see some of the best portable ACs that can be bought online.

What are The Advantages of Having a Portable AC?

The benefits of these portable ACs are as follows:

  1. These appliances are designed to eliminate the heat and moisture in your room.
  2. They are compact in size and hence placing them is not at all an issue.
  3. It can be stored away when you do not need them during winters.
  4. Compared to air coolers, this is a better option because they do not function well in the humid areas.

8 Best Portable Air Conditioners To Buy in India

1. Concord Tower Hot/Cold AC

concord 2.2 ton (hotcold) tower ac

This is one of the sophisticated air conditioners that can be efficiently used in any room. It functions as a heat pump and hence 30-40% more energy efficient when compared to a conventional room heater. The thermostat in the device helps you control the temperature for complete convenience.


  • Model: CF-72
  • Dimension: 160 x 20 x 48 cm
  • Capacity: 2.2 Ton
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • Noise: 44 dB
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Power: 7200 Watt
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • It has a filter that removes the dust from the air.
  • You can operate it using a remote control.
  • R410A refrigerant is used in the appliance that is eco friendly.
  • The current temperature, fan speed, and others are notified in the LED display.
  • It has a golden fin evaporator and a condenser which are resistant to corrosion.
  • There is a 4-way swing technology that ensures horizontal as well as vertical airflow resulting in better efficiency.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 3.9/5

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2. GARRISON Portable Cool-Only Air Conditioner

garrison portable cooling only air conditioner

This is an amazing portable AC with a bucketless evaporation system and a user-friendly interface. It is suitable for a room of about 450 sq. ft. So you do not have to suffer anymore in the scorching heat of summers.


  • Model: 2477821
  • Dimension: 35.6 x 34.5 x 70.4 cm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Digital electronic panel.
  • Can be controlled using a remote.
  • Easy to relocate because of the 4 caster wheels.
  • It has 4 modes, namely fan, cool. dehumidifier and auto mode.
  • The filter is washable.
  • It is pricy at 1 Ton capacity.

Rating: 4/5

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3. Whynter Elite Portable Air Conditioner

whynter elite portable air conditioner

This portable AC is suitable for 400 sq ft rooms. It has a dual hose, 12000 BTU for efficient cooling. You can experience a noiseless cooling as it produces less than 52 dBA noise. The R-410, a refrigerant used in it, makes it eco friendly.


  • Model: ARC-122DS
  • Dimension: 43.2 x 74.9 x 40.6 cm
  • Weight: 27 kg
  • Window Kit Length: 20″ -46″
  • Power Consumption: 1000 Watt
  • Max Air Flow: 264 m3/h or 155CFM
  • Color: White
  • It has a 24-hour programmable timer.
  • Auto drain.
  • It comes with a 3-speed control fan.
  • Digital readout is available with thermostatic control for 61°F – 89°F.
  • Dehuimidifes room as it has a capacity of 76 pints per day.
  • It has an activated carbon air filter with a washable pre-filter.
  • Poor after-sale service.

Rating: 4/5

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4. Cruise Hot and Cold Portable AC

cruise hot and cold portable ac

This portable AC has a modern and compact built with a stunning appearance. Its blades are inspired by jet aero and long airflow is ensured through automatic air vents and 120° wide angle swing. It has a smart control panel where the temperature is displayed. A window kit is included in the expandable exhaust.


  • Model: CPCATF-PQ3S12
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 49.2 x 71.4 cm
  • Capacity: 1 ton
  • Weight: 32 kg
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio: 2.91
  • Energy Consumption/ Year: 1200 Kwh
  • Color: Black and White
  • 4 options for choosing the mode, i.e AC, dehumidifier, fan, or just air purifier.
  • Low noise operation.
  • Adjustable vertical air vents for complete convenience.
  • Caster wheels make it easy to relocate.
  • Slide in and slide out mechanism ensures easy removal of the filters.
  • Smart dehumidification of the room.
  • Heat exchangers are made up of a copper tube that enhances its longevity.
  • The blue hydrophilic coating provides protection against rust.
  • It is just one ton and expensive for this capacity.

Rating: 4.1/5

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5. Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC

croma 1.5 ton portable ac

This is a wonderful portable AC from TATA that helps you easily beat the heat during summers by enjoying the cool air from it any time you want. It is eco friendly because of the R-410A refrigerant used in it, which does not harm the ozone.


  • Model: CRAC1201
  • Weight: 5 kg 200 g
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Color: White
  • It has evaporator and condenser fins for a quicker cooling of the room.
  • There is an indicator to show the on and off state of the appliance.
  • Auto evaporation of water.
  • 4 way auto-swing system ensures proper air circulation throughout the room.
  • Lower power consumption and less maintenance because of the self-diagnosis feature
  • It has 4 different types to choose from, namely, Dry, Auto, Sleep, and Cool.
  • Expensive.
  • No caster wheels.

Rating: 4/5

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6. Blue Star Portable AC

blue star portable ac

This is an efficient portable AC that is fit for a room of 110 sq. ft area. It comes with a feather touch electronic panel that has a low noise operation of just 52 dB. It comes with a silver coating that is dust proof as well as anti-bacterial. The rotary compressor in the device is efficient enough to cause quick cooling.


  • Model: PC12DB
  • Dimension: 39.7 x 48.7 x 76.5 cm
  • Weight: 32..8 kg
  • Capacity: 1 Ton
  • Cooling Power: 1350 Watt
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 Year on the Condenser and 5 Years on Compressor.
  • It comes with an anti-freeze thermostat which is a safety feature, preventing the formation of frost on the heat exchange unit.
  • There are golden evaporator fins that are hydrophilic which results in better performance.
  • You get to hear an alarm once the tank is full.
  • Self-diagnosis system.
  • Eco friendly because of the R-410 a refrigerant used in it.
  • It comes with caster wheels for easy relocation.
  • There is a timer for sleep mode as well as for switching it on or off.
  • Manual drainage system.
  • An outlet is needed for the fresh air exchange in the room.
  • You can’t use it for bigger rooms.

Rating: 4/5

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7. Honeywell Portable AC

honeywell portable ac

This is an efficient portable AC with efficient cooling and dehumidification system that helps you relax easily during hot summers.


  • Model: HPAC14WG3
  • Dimension: 85 x 52 x 46 cm
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Capacity: 1.15 ton
  • Weight: 10 Kilograms
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Dry-type dehumidification system with auto evaporation.
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to relocate.
  • Not suitable for larger rooms.

Rating: 4/5

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8. Lloyd Portable AC

lloyd portable ac 1 ton

This is an efficient portable AC with a strong built. The 100% grooved condenser tubings are made up of copper, which results in better transfer of heat and thus quick cooling of your room.


  • Model: LP12B01TP
  • Capacity: 1 Ton
  • Color: White
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Blue fin condenser coils are resistant to corrosion.
  • Besides cooling, it provides filtered air to the room.
  • Options of timer and auto restart feature.
  • It can’t be used for cooling large rooms.

Rating: 4/5

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Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guide – 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Portable AC

The points you need to remember while purchasing a portable AC are as follows:

1. Room Size:

You need to know your room size well before deciding what capacity of AC should be bought. Here are the suitable capacities of portable AC for different room sizes:

  • 100 sq. ft: 0.8 Ton
  • 150 sq. ft: 1 Ton
  • 250 sq. ft: 1.5 Ton
  • 400 sq ft.: 2 Ton

2. Furniture in Your Room:

If there is a lot of furniture in your room, your AC will take a longer time for cooling it. Make sure that there is a window or some exhaustion system to avoid this issue. No matter if you are using a portable AC that is condenser based, or has a manual drainage system, a good exhaustion system is necessary for better efficiency,

3. Cooling Capacity:

This is measured in BTU or British Thermal Units. It is directly related to the size of the room in which the portable AC is placed. Always opt for higher BTU if you have bigger rooms. For example, a room of 150 sq ft needs a minimum of 5000 BTUs.

4. Type of Hose:

Ventilation or hose is one of the primary parameters of a portable AC. Some models come with a ” Window Venting Kit” in which the exhaust pipe is placed outside the window or through a hole in the wall.

There is also a water exhaustion system which is of three types, i.e self evaporative, condenser, and manual type. In the self evaporative type. there is automatic evaporation of the hot air bubbles outside through the exhaust pipe. Since you do not need to manually drain the water, your time and effort are saved.

For a closed room of average size, a single hose 10000 BTUs would be enough but if the room has a bigger size, double hose configuration is needed for quickly cooling space.
In the case of a single hose, the same hose is used for intake as well as the exhaust of air whereas these are separate in the double hose. A double hose is an energy saver and more efficient compared to a single hose.

5. Other Features:

i. Thermostat:

A programmable thermostat makes a portable AC energy efficient and lets you set the desired temperature.

ii. Sleep Timer:

This feature helps you ensure optimum temperature levels even when you are sleeping, so you do not have to wake up in the middle.

iii. Interface:

The interface should be user friendly, in the form of gesture function, electronic display control panel, and feather touch buttons.

iv. Multiple Modes:

This helps you use the portable AC as a fan, heater, dehumidifier, fan combo or just AC as per your requirement.

When you have a tight budget, yet you want to relax in your room even during hot summers or afternoons, portable AC is an amazing option to consider. With our buying guide and reviews, you can invest in the best portable AC for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are portable ACs safe?

Ans – Yes, they are safe but since it is placed on the floor, some hindrance may occur to the movement. So it is important to keep the tubings in an organized manner to avoid any issue.

Q. Do portable ACs have a noisy operation?

Ans – Yes, they make some noise because of the inbuilt compressor. But the noise intensity varies from one product to another.

Q. What is the average power consumption of a portable AC?

Ans – About 4 units of electricity are consumed by a portable AC with 12000 BTU but this will vary based on the usage.

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