7 Best Weighing Machines Under 1000 Rupees in India 2022

Best Weighing Machine Under 1000 Rupees in India

Weighing scales these days have become thinner and more portable than in the olden days where we used to find them only in Hospitals, Clinics, Gyms or Fitness centers only. Now you can own a weighing scale all to yourself as every household is getting one. So, here are some of the best weighing machine/scale under 1000 rs in India you can buy right now from Amazon.

Best Weighing Machine Under 1000 Rupees in India

1. ASPERIA Electronic

ASPERIA Electronic

This is a digital weighing scale from Asperia electronic available at an affordable price under 1000 rs on amazon. This has an LCD display powered by batteries and is made of a tough tempered glass body.

This weighing machine can accurately measure up to 180 kilograms of weight. It has a high precision sensor for accuracy and also has an overload indicator.

Another thing that’s interesting is that it has an automatic on/off system once you insert the batteries. The LCD display lights up and also can read the temperature in the room.

  • It’s lightweight and easy to use.
  • It has a durable build quality and looks stylish.
  • It shows accurate readings all the time.
  • No Con’s

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2. ZILANT Weighing Machine

zilant weighing machine

The Zilant electronic weighing scale is made with tough tempered glass and has a classy look to it. This weighing scale is priced under 1000 rs on amazon making it an affordable pick.

This weighing scale has a maximum weight capacity of 180 kilograms. It has an LCD display with removable AAA size batteries and it has an auto on and off function.

  • The two AAA size batteries are included with the package.
  • The auto on/off feature makes it easier to use.
  • A tough and a simplistic design.
  • The paint work on it is not good.

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3. Piesome Electronic Weighing Scale

piesome weighing machine

The Piesome electronic weighing scale introduces a new design that has a large digital LCD display that makes reading easy and convenient.

This digital weighing scale can measure weight both in kilograms (KG) and in pounds (Lbs.). It saves battery efficiently with its advanced technical features and also has automatic on/off features.

This weighing scale is made with thick tempered glass and is practically unbreakable with normal usage of weight up to 180kg giving it a long lasting life and it also has an attractive look.

  • It has an attractive design.
  • A good durable build quality.
  • The readings are sometimes inaccurate.

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4. GVC Camry Digital Weighing Machine

camry digital weighing machine

GVC electronic personal weighing scale is specifically designed for your personal use with a user-friendly interface and providing highly accurate measurement. This product is available under the price of 1000 rs on amazon right now.

This product features automatic turn on technology which activates once you step on the machine. The weighing scale has a special feature that automatically shuts off once you’re done with checking your weight.

  • An easy to read display with auto on/off function.
  • Low battery and overload indicating feature.
  • A good looking and slim design.
  • The build quality is not so good.


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5. Zilant 6 Mm Thick Tempered Glass Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

zilant weighing scale

This is an affordable 6mm thick tempered glass digital weighing scale available at a cheap price under 1000 rs. This weighing scale has a total weight capacity of 180 kilograms.

It has a simplistic lightweight and slim design making it easy to handle and use. This weighing scale has a strong and durable body.

It has an LCD display for showing the readings and it runs on two AAA size batteries and also gives an accurate readings every time and It has an auto on and off feature.

  • The replaceable AAA size batteries are included inside.
  • Accurate weight readings every time.
  • Good build quality.
  • The design is looking average.

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6. AZOD Heavy Digital Weighing Machine

azod weighing machine

This Digital thick tempered glass weighing scale from Azod can measure weight both in kilograms and in pounds . The Azod introduces a latest design personal weight scale that features a large digital LCD display.

This weighing scale has some advanced technical features and also has automatic shut off feature in 10 seconds after use. It has a thick tempered glass which is supposedly unbreakable with use for weight up to 180 kilograms.

  • It has an ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • An Automatic on/off feature and batteries are included.
  • A very accurate readings on each time of use.
  • The size of the scale is a bit small.

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7. Equinox Personal Weighing Scale

equinox personal weighing scale

The Equinox EQ-EB-9300 weighing scale is one of the best tools to monitor and measure your weight from Equinox. It has a stylish look with a slim and a sleek body which seamlessly fits into any place in the house.

It has an LCD display and it comes with an auto-step feature to turn the device on, which means all you need to do is step on the scale once and your scale turns on and the readings will reflect on the LCD display.

  • It has a low battery and overload indicator function.
  • Auto off function within 10 seconds of use.
  • A lightweight and a durable design.
  • The accuracy is not always correct.

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