5 Best Treadmills In India 2022 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

best treadmills in india

In the hectic schedule of life, we rarely devote time to ourselves to stay healthy. Going to the gym regularly is not a feasible option for everyone. In such situations, treadmills come into rescue as they help you to take a brisk walk/ run whenever you are free. Thus it lets you incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. We will see some of the best options for treadmills that you can get for your home.

How Do You Select a Treadmill on The Basis of Your Workout Needs?

Walking, running and cross-training are the exercises that people do on a treadmill. In case you want it just for walking or running, choose a model that is available at an affordable price. But if the need is to double up running and cross-training, an advanced treadmill is required which is generally expensive.

A treadmill with more horsepower and a larger belt is necessary for runners so that they don’t fall. The motor must have a minimum 3 CHP to have good functionality. Higher power motors generally come with fewer maintenance needs.

Best Treadmills in India

1. MAXPRO PTM 405 Treadmill

maxpro ptm 405 treadmill

This is an amazing foldable treadmill that is sturdy enough to let you walk, run, or jog on it for a great experience. This power fitness running machine has an optimum running surface of 1150 X 420mm. It uses advanced technology that makes it a reliable product when you want to work out at home.


  • Saves space because of the folding feature. The hydraulic mechanism for unfolding ensures that it drops slowly.
  • 2 HP (maximum being 4 HP) DC motor for silent operation.
  • Running speed can be adjusted as per your requirement.
  • A good range of speeds available-1 to 14 km/hr to choose the one based on your physical condition.
  • Can take a maximum load of up to 110 kg.
  • 3 levels of inclination for a better workout.
  • You can know the speed, distance, hand pulse, time, and calories burnt in the blue LCD display of 5”.
  • No sudden shock because of a multi-layer running belt.
  • Inbuilt thumb sensors for monitoring heart rate during workout.
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime warranty on frame.
  • Has a holder for a mobile phone.
  • Listen to music during work out through USB pen drive, or AUX input from an MP3 player or iPhone.
  • Inbuilt wheels for easy relocation.
  • It comes with 12 pre-set programs, H1-H3 program for workout efficiency.
  • Need to use a 4Kva stabilizer for motor safety.
  • Lack of proper after-sales service.

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Rating: 3.8/5

2. PowerMax Fitness TDM-98 Motorized Treadmill

powermax fitness tdm-98 motorized treadmill

This is a sturdy treadmill with a superior quality steel frame, adhering to the fitness industry standard. It is equipped with a shock resistance system made of cast steel and has a 5 layered anti-skid belt which is grass textured. With it, you do not have to be dependent on the gym anymore.


  • 1.75HP (maximum 3.5HP) DC motor.
  • Anti-skid 43.3”x 15.75” running track.
  • Speed options till 10 km/hr.
  • Can support 90 kg weight.
  • LED display for showing heart rate, speed, distance, time, and calories burnt.
  • 3-year warranty on motor and 1-year warranty of parts with a lifetime warranty on frame.
  • 12 preset programs for a workout with 3 modes based on the target.
  • The device is 90 degrees foldable with a manual lock and can be stored in a closet.
  • Installation is free with voice and video call facility.
  • Silent operation and energy-saving motor.
  • It has an independent CPU which is resistant to water, dustproof as well as moisture-proof.
  • Sensor for heart rate on the handrail.
  • USB connectivity and AUX cable available for playing music on console speakers.
  • It has wheels for easy movement.
  • Bouncy surface prevents a harsh impact on your joints.
  • The running deck is close to the surface to make you feel safe.
  • Auto-stop features reduce the chances of injury.
  • No inclination option.

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Rating: 4/5

3. PowerMax Fitness TDA-230

powermax fitness tda-230 2hp (4hp peak) motorized treadmill

This is a motorized treadmill with amazing features for conveniently working out at home. It is a low maintenance model with a spacious anti-skid, running surface of 49.6 x 16.5 inches and options for a challenging workout.


  • 2HP (maximum 4HP) DC motor.
  • Free installation with assistance over voice and video call.
  • Automatic Incline available in 15 levels for intense workouts.
  • The bright blue color LCD screen of 5″ to show your heart rate, speed, time, distance, and calories burnt.
  • Supports 115 kg weight.
  • Moisture, water, and dust resistant CPU.
  • Speed select hotkeys available with a maximum speed of 14.0km/hr.
  • 12 programs present for workout efficiency with 3 modes that are target based.
  • Easy folding and unfolding through HSS, i.e hydraulic soft drop system.
  • 3-year warranty on a motor with a 1-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on frame.
  • Has BMI fat function.
  • Listen to music from console speakers, MPS 3, or iPhone directly through USB connectivity or AUX cable connectivity.
  • Holders are available for mobile and tablet for better convenience.
  • Inbuilt wheels for easy relocation.
  • Semi-auto lubrication makes it low maintenance.
  • Auto-stop function for safety.
  • Easy maintenance because of semi-auto lubrication.
  • Sensor for heart rate located on the handrail.
  • Silent operation with the energy-saving motor. (68 dB maximum noise).
  • Poor customer service.

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Rating: 3.7/5

4. Fitkit FT100S Treadmill

fitkit ft100s treadmill

This is an easy-to-maintain treadmill with a spacious anti-skid running board of 1240*420 mm. It can be folded easily for storage when not in use, hence perfect for use at home for staying fit. The best part of this brand is that your diet can be tracked for free for 3 months to know the calories consumed and consult a doctor for a healthy lifestyle through the app.


  • 1.75HP (maximum 3.25HP) DC motor.
  • Connectivity of the device with Fitplus App in Android as well as iOS, for tracking daily workouts and keeping data at a place. It can be connected to Fitbit, Google Fit, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Health for real-time tracking of fitness status.
  • Supports 110 kg user weight.
  • LCD displays show speed, heart rate, distance, time, and calories burnt.
  • The motor has a 1-year warranty with a 3-year warranty on Frame
  • 12 preset options for workout.
  • Comes with a manual inclination of 3 levels.
  • 14 km/hr maximum speed.
  • Knee protection because of the running board’s cushion effect.
  • Handlebars have sensors for measuring heart rate.
  • Free installation along with a 3- month free diet and fitness plan.
  • Different modes for changing exercise routines.
  • Can be easily maintained through lubrication.
  • Auto-stop function for safety.
  • Connect to music while working out through AUX input
  • Voice control feature as it is integrated with Alexa. It lets the user ask questions to Alexa related to diet.
  • A suitable stabilizer must be used for safety.

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Rating: 4/5

5. Proline Fitness 74100A Treadmill

proline fitness 74100a treadmill

This is a motorized treadmill with a spacious workout area of 17.5 x 48inch. It is comfortable to use and can be easily accommodated inside the home for regular use to stay fit.


  • DC Motor of 1.25 HP.
  • Supports 110 kg user weight.
  • The motor comes with a 3-month warranty. For manufacturing defects, it has a lifetime warranty.
  • The maximum speed is 12km/h.
  • Better workout with 12 preset program options.
  • Backlit LCD display shows BMI results, speed, distance, time, heart rate, and calories burnt.
  • Foldable, with a soft hydraulic release system. Space-saving device.
  • Silent operation of DC motor.
  • Running board descends slowly and thus ensures safety from back injuries.
  • Price is on higher end.

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Rating: 3.9/5

Treadmill Buying Guide – How To Buy A Treadmill in India?

Here is the detailed buying guide to help you purchase the best treadmill for your home:

1. Types of Treadmill:

Treadmills are classified on the basis of their functionality. These are manual, motorized of folding type, as explained below:

i. Manual:

Least expensive and most suitable for first-time users and elderly age group as the device comes with a manual inclination adjustment facility. There is no electricity consumption in this case. It starts only when the user begins walking or running on the treadmill so some may face difficulty in using it.

ii. Foldable Treadmills:

Suitable for homes with less space. If you have longer strides, you may not find it useful. Expensive compared to manual models.

iii. Motorized Model:

The most expensive variant among the three models but packed with features. You may experience some noise during operation. Check motor power, inclination options, and running belt size while buying one. They are generally durable.

2. Size of The Track:

There is a difference between short walkers and those having longer strides. This makes it important to check the track size before getting a treadmill. Generally, treadmills are available with a 17-inch length which is even less in case of the manual folding models. Commercial treadmills have as much as 63 inches long track size.

If you are around 6′ tall, you need a treadmill with a 20 x55 inch track length. For standard runners, joggers walkers, 20 x 60 is suitable.

3. Motor Power:

The motor power you actually need is based on the type of exercise you will be doing as well as the weight of your body. In the case of a motorized treadmill, the power is measured in horsepower and continues horsepower(CHP). CHP denotes the power that a motor could handle continuously and not just at its peak.

Let us see the basic needs of a person who weighs 90 kg. Just for walking, he needs to go for the motor with 2.0 CHP and above. Similarly, for jogging, 2.5 CHP is recommended and for running, he needs a motor with 3.0 CHP or more.

4. The Weight That a Treadmill Can Support:

Generally, treadmills can support 110-180 kg weight. You should always opt for one which can handle 20 kg more weight than yours to prevent a lot of load on the motor.

5. Height:

People of 5′-6′ can use general treadmills but those who are taller than this need to get a model with more belt length, i.e a minimum of 60″ to work out comfortably.

6. Treadmill Belt:

Thickness, roller, and lubrication are the prime factors to be seen while checking the belt durability.

One which is thicker compared to 2-ply or 4 ply, though cheaper models are available in 1 ply also and are less durable.

There is less noise in the case of thicker treadmill belts.

When the diameter of the metal roller is more, the belt life increases because the stress on the motor is reduced. It is better to opt for belts with a 2.5” diameter.

Treadmills need frequent lubrication after every few months. If you don’t want to get into this, go for those infused with silicone as they don’t need any kind of maintenance.

7. Maximum Speed:

Based on your exercising requirements, you need to see what is the maximum speed you want in a treadmill. Generally, most models offer up to 14 km/hr.

For burning fat through brisk walking, 3.9 MPH is suitable. Average joggers need 5.5 MPH for a moderate workout to burn fat. Vigorous exercising needs a speed of 5-6.8 MPH.

8. Safety:

Auto stop feature: This feature works by a key that is attached to the body of the treadmill with a lanyard. In case the user slips, there will be disentangling of the key to avoid any kind of mishap.

9. Sturdy Handrails and Foot Rail Space:

These form great support for beginners as well as elderly people to ensure stability. Besides this sufficient foot rail is also an essential safety feature as it makes it easy to get off the treadmill.

10. Shock Absorption:

This is important to reduce an impact on the knee and joints, after a workout.

When you are fully aware of the specifications of a treadmill, it becomes easy to get the best one for yourselves. Follow our buying guide and reviews above for a value for money deal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. If a treadmill is expensive, does this mean that it is of good quality?

Ans: Generally yes. But still, you need to check all the aspects of the device before buying it. Expensive treadmills are also loaded with features for better functionality.

Q. Are folding treadmills sturdy?

Ans: The latest models of foldable treadmills are studied and can support vigorous workouts too.

Q. Is it important to get treadmills with a warranty?

Ans: Yes. Check the warranty offered on the motor, frame, and other parts before purchasing because those with a good warranty period are less prone to damage and dysfunctionality. Even if anything goes wrong, you can easily check with the customer care for support. Companies providing in house repairs are generally a convenient option for users.

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