7 Best Steam Irons In India: 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

best steam iron in india

The iron is certainly an essential element in many homes. Indeed, washing and drying your clothes is not always enough, especially for those who prefer ironed clothes without any wrinkles. If you are one of those worshipers of perfect clothes, then it certainly seems natural to you to invest in a good iron, a model of quality and efficiency.

In view of the long existence of the iron, the models have succeeded on the markets and succeeded each other, so that it is sometimes difficult to know which iron to choose. But we are here to help you get there, and it is with this in mind that we present to you, first, our comparison of irons, and secondly, our buying guide dedicated to the purchase of such a device.

Let’s start directly by examining the models we have selected for you. In order to make such a selection, we took into account technical criteria, which we detail in more detail in the “buying guide” section.

We also considered the value for money, with the idea of obtaining a quality product at the most affordable price possible. Let’s see it together!

7 Best Steam Irons in India

1. Philips PowerLife gc2998 Steam Iron

philips powerlife gc2998 steam iron

Its black coating makes this iron one of the most elegant irons of the moment. Indeed, its black color accompanied by a small gray touch gives it a more original style. This Philips model is not a steam generator, which explains its small 300 ml tank.

Its weight of 1.8 kg and its PowerLife sole allows you to use the iron in the best possible comfort.

For those who do not know, its steam flow of 170g / min is provided thanks to its powerful 2400 W motor.

  • 2400W power for very fast heating.
  • Ecological and economical device: reduction of interesting energy consumption.
  • Anti-drip system to stop staining your clothes.
  • Limestone protection is not the most effective.
  • The device has a fairly significant weight.
  • The instructions for use are not very clear; it is available in an improved version directly online.

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Rating: 5/5

2. Bajaj Majesty MX 8 1400-Watt Steam Iron

bajaj majesty mx8 1400 w steam iron

Our gaze immediately turns to its size. At first sight, we notice its large base which has a tank that transports the iron. Its flow rate of 30g / min will make even the most stubborn folds disappear. To differentiate itself from the others, the sole of the device offers only 6 holes but is nonetheless efficient. This model draws its reputation from the fact that it is 2 in 1.

In other words, in addition to the fact that it ensures perfect ironing, it was specially designed for vertical steaming.

  • The sole is equipped with new technology, which allows more efficient ironing even in the nooks and crannies of your clothes that would be too difficult to access.
  • 1400W power for a reduced heating time.
  • The steam flow of 35g / min, the possibility of temporarily increasing up to 120g / min thanks to the pressing function.
  • The tank does not have a large capacity.
  • The red indicator and the amount of water still available are not very visible.

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Rating: 4/5

3. Bajaj Majesty Travellesta Steam Iron

bajaj majesty travellesta steam iron

When you see this device with your eyes, you will not believe your eyes. Why? Simply because of its original design. Indeed, the manufacturer has decided to separate the body of the iron from its 400 ml tank. When you deport the tank, the Bajaj Majesty iron is capable of holding up to approximately 60 minutes of autonomy.

For added security, an automatic stop function is fitted to the device. So after 8 minutes without use, the iron stops automatically. To remove the limestone residue that appears after several uses, Bajaj Majesty provides you with a filtration cartridge.

  • Excellent power of 800 W: the heating time is very short.
  • The sole is equipped with Durilium technology for a more efficient glide and is also self-cleaning.
  • Possibility of using the “pressing” function to push the steam flow up to 210g / min, by jets or limited time.
  • The product is quite heavy.
  • The “pressing” function is a little badly placed.

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Rating: 3/5

4. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

philips gc1905 steam iron 1440 w

The Philips GC1905 iron is a powerful, high-performance model full of technical prowess that makes it a high-quality, high-quality iron.

It has a micro-calc system that helps fight against lime stains and residue, as well as an extremely powerful pressing function, an ultra-fine sole for quality gliding and comfort, and, the icing on the cake: the micro-calc has an alert system to notify us when there is a need to clean the filter! A whole range of stunning performances!

Consumers love this iron for its power, speed and efficiency. The iron heats up quickly, slides well, and no folds or deposits of lime can resist it. Even more, customers find it solid and easy to clean: banco!

  • Its ergonomic design and its modern, chrome silhouette.
  • Its filter system which filters 100% of iron vapor.
  • Its sole with perfect glide leaving no folds.
  • Water tank a little weak.
  • A little heavy.

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Rating: 3/5

5. Philips GC2994/26 PowerLife Steam Iron

philips gc299426 powerlife steam iron

The power, speed of steam flow and pressure of this other Philips appliance is about the same as that of its brothers. Here we show you a device of a little more than 2000 W, taking out 35g of water each time the large hand of the watch turns with pressing at 125g and a few.

The real added value of this device lies in the fact that ironing with a Philips GC2994/ 26 is to be guided throughout the process. First of all, this is done by the cord fitted with a guidance system that does not decrease the parts already worked before.

In addition, anyone who has ever used an iron knows that the heel is one of the most important things because it guarantees consistency of effort and pressure. For this device, the heel is large and of ideal weight.

  • Frayed shape to reach corners more precisely.
  • Homogeneous heat distribution thanks to Microsteam 400 technology.
  • Anti limescale system to improve the life of your device and preserve its performance.
  • Very interesting price.
  • The product is quite heavy.
  • The “pressing” function is a little badly placed.

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Rating: 3/5

6. Bajaj MX40C 2000 Watts Steam Iron

bajaj steam iron mx40c

Like all Bajaj products, recognized for their efficiency and putting themselves at the top of the sales of irons, this one also displays power and an ideal distribution of steam. The 2000 Watts Watts flowing about thirty grams of water vapor per minute will soften as necessary on your fabrics. Equipped with a system allowing an external ejection of water in order to correct difficult folds, it is also a device with an ideal safety mechanism, in particular with automatic shutdown.

  • 2000 W power.
  • Comes with a pressing effect allowing to raise the steam flow to 220g / min for maximum efficiency for a momentary time.
  • An anti-scale cartridge is integrated to preserve the durability of the device.
  • The tapered shape of the iron allows for more efficient ironing, including in hard-to-reach corners like shirt collars.
  • The “spray” button is placed too far in the front, which complicates use if you have small hands.
  • The price is quite significant, but is justified by the performance.

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Rating: 3/5

7. Black+Decker BXIR1602IN 1600 Watts Steam Iron

black+decker bxir 1602in 1600 watts steam iron

Black+Decker operates in the small appliance category with efficiency and customer loyalty. It is also present in the market of irons by means of this model, the iron BXIR1602IN. Its main attraction is its power which beats its competitors to more than 1600 Watts because it displays a force that can reach 1600 watts. From where reliability was the subject of several certifications, in particular, that of the Indian Community.

  • The capacity of the tank is interesting; 350 ml.
  • Automatic control of the steam flow, so that it is adapted to suit your fabrics.
  • Anti-drip system.
  • Non-Stick Sole Plate.
  • The tank does not have a large capacity.
  • The red indicator and the amount of water still available are not very visible.

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Rating: 3/5

How to Choose Your Iron?

The products you discovered above were not chosen on any basis; we relied on technical and qualitative information that we have gathered for you. On the program, therefore: prices for irons, selection criteria and purchasing preferences. Be aware: the first idea of an “iron” comes straight from China… in the 4th century AD! Of course, nothing electric or even water-based: the principle is simply to press hollow objects – like a saucepan – against clothing.

Although he later underwent several developments, the most important of these was certainly the development of the electric iron. In India, it is the famous manufacturer Philips which presents it. It will integrate the technique of steam from the 1920s and will then follow the development of the steam plant. Today, the iron is also facing another direct competitor, namely the steamer.

Note that innovation has not stopped along the way and that manufacturers continue to compete in ingenuity to find new features or facilities that will please the customer, such as the anti-drip system, better ergonomics, reduced weight. or advanced filtration and anti-lime systems.

There are several relevant elements to take into account before choosing your model. Do not buy an iron without having read these different criteria!

1. The Power:

The power of iron is expressed in watts. It acts on two levels: on the speed of heating of the device and on the heat itself. The ideal is to have at least 2000 W.

The vapor pressure is expressed in grams per minute. It varies according to the programming of the iron. In general, it can go up to 40 or 50 g / min. A pressure option allows a non-continuous steam jet, with power varying from 100 to 200 g / min.

If power is of the utmost importance to you, start your research with the Philips, one of the most powerful irons of the moment.

2. The Anti-Scale System:

Limestone is hell. It is imperative to have an iron with limescale management. This can be done via self-cleaning, a rinse filter, etc. The systems are more or less restrictive depending on the model.

3. The Options:

In general, there is nothing very exceptional. But some irons regulate the temperature themselves, others adapt the steam to the choice of fabric. There is also the anti-drip option, the ecological mode, etc.

4. Cooling Time:

This is difficult to obtain because no one wants to time their iron. But since we know that some models need 80 minutes to cool down completely.

And that’s why we fell in love with the Philips iron. It is sold with a heat-insulating storage box. That is to say, slide the iron while it is still hot.

3 Tips for Getting a Reliable and Durable Iron

Although there are irons of all prices, it is always better to ensure the quality of your device, simply for the sake of profitability.

Let’s see together the best options available to you:

1. Prefer Recognized Manufacturers:

These are authorities, like Philips, but they are not the only ones. If it is certain that you will pay a higher price than the articles of the large distribution, think about a longer time: it is very likely that your model will last longer because it will have been subjected to the quality standards of the manufacturer in question.

2. Make Comparisons:

The best way to realize the value of an object is to put it in perspective compared to its direct competitors; what we did in our own comparison. If a reference interests you, ask yourself a few moments and take other references for comparison; you will then be able to get a more precise idea of the intrinsic value of the product, and if it is worth the price!

3. Learn About Your Favorite Models:

We can’t deny it: The Internet is a gold mine of information, and as long as you call on consumer and customer reviews, comparisons like the one we presented to you, or even tests – whatever, these are there as many sources as you can mobilize in order to build a more developed, synthetic and objective opinion of the references that interest you.

The iron now literally has no secrets for you. You are able to find a good deal, either by yourself or by referring to the selected products. In the first situation as in the second, your choice will be the right one, and very quickly “ironing” will rhyme with “simplicity” and no longer “chore”!

To iron your linen well, opt for the latest brand irons. Practical, these devices will make your job a little easier and allow you to iron quickly and efficiently. Their designs, performance, and functionality have been specially designed to meet the needs of each user.

After a more or less thorough study, it is clear that in this game, it is Bajaj, Singer, and Philips who is the strongest and manufacture Best Steam Iron in India. We hope to have gathered in this classification the most appreciated iron models. We can, therefore, say that this year these household appliance giants have not spared any effort to satisfy ironing enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. would like to know how long is the cord of these steam iron?

Ans: Approximately 1.5 meters, which is more than enough.

Q. Does these steam iron use a normal plug point?

Ans: Yes, Normal Three pin plug.

Q. Does a light blink on heating up steam iron?

Ans: Yes, it blinks also there is auto-shutoff which is indicated by this light.

Q. How good are these steam iron to steam woolen products?

Ans: Steam iron suitable for all fabric including woolen.

Q. Can these steam iron use inverter voltage?

Ans: Yes, as the Inverter is capable of generating the needed voltage of 230V.

Q. Will these steam iron work at 120 v?

Ans: No. it works on 220v.

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