Which are The Safest Soaps in India According to TFM?

safest soaps in india

Today you can find a wide range of soaps brands in the market, each trying their best to maximize their sale through various influential ads. Since there are various types of soaps, we will focus on this article.

What is TFM in a Soap?

It is the total fatty matter which determines the soap quality. You can always find this specified in commercial transactions.

Types of Skincare Soaps

There are two types of soaps according to the Bureau of Indian Standards, which is mentioned below:

1. Toilet Soaps:

These soaps are generally used as toiletry which means a product used for dressing, makeup, and others. So, now you are clear that such soaps are not just meant for use in the toilet. These soaps have fattier material.

2. Bathing Soaps:

These are entry-level soaps that have a hand bathing bar that has surface-active agents with low TFM or total fatty matter. It is the main point of difference between the two types of soaps.

Bathing soaps are again subdivided into three types based on their TFM values:

Grade 1:

76% TFM is minimum in this grade which are perfectly saponified, milled, or homogenized. They are available in perfumed or compressed form that is used for cleaning and lathering.

Grade 2:

70% is the TFM in such soaps that are plodded, completely saponified, and have a smooth texture, used for lathering and cleaning.

Grade 3:

60% is the minimum TFM in this category and they are saponified, having a smooth and firm texture, with good cleaning and lathering characteristics.

Summary of TFM of Various Soaps Discussed Below:

Grade 1

  • Mysore sandal – 80
  • Doy Care – 80
  • Cinthol – 79
  • Johnsons Baby Soap – 78
  • Yardley London – 78
  • Nivea Soap – 78
  • Superia Silk – 76
  • Park Avenue Fragrant soap – 76
  • Amway Pesona Soap – 76
  • Godrej Fair Glow – 76

Grade 2

  • Himalaya neem and Turmeric – 76
  • Santoor sandal and turmeric – 72
  • Margo – 71
  • Dettol Original – 71
  • Vivel soap – 70

Grade 3

  • Medimix – 60
  • Lifebuoy – 60
  • Bathing bars Dove Bathing bar
  • Pears Bathing bar
  • Fiama Di Wills Bathing bar

Popular Soaps in India

1. Himalaya Neem and Turmeric Soap:

Himalaya Neem and Turmeric Soap

This is a grade 1 soap with 76% TFM. It is best for various skin ailments like rashes, pimples, allergies because neem and haldi are its active ingredients with various medicinal properties.

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2. Fiama Di Wills:

Fiama Di Wills

This is a non-sticky soap from ITC with good moisturizing quality and a pleasant fragrance.

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3. Cinthol:


The TFM of this soap is 79%. It is a product of Godrej that is quite nominal. Your skin won’t dry out or become oily after using it, hence, no matter what your skin type is you can use it. It is even dermatologically tested use in case of skin issues like allergies,. rashes and others.

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4. Pears:


This is a brown color glycerine soap with a mild fragrance which is perfect for winters. If you have oily skin, the oil will be controlled without drying out your skin.

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5. Doy Care Soap:

Doy Care Soap

This soap has a gentle effect on the skin and has a TFM of 80%. It keeps the skin moisturized, smooth and supple.

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6. Dove:


This is a bathing bar with a good fragrance and great moisturizing characteristics that perfectly smoothens the skin. You won’t find a TFM value on it since the brand doesn’t consider it as a toilet soap. Even kids can use it owing to its gentle characteristics on skin.

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7. Mysore Sandal:

Mysore Sandal

It is a grade 1 soap with 80% TFM and has a strong sandalwood fragrance.

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8. Margo:


It has 71% TFM with neem as its main ingredient and hence is considered to be good on the skin with all its medicinal properties.

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9. Yardley London:

Yardley London

The TFM of this soap is 78 and is available in different versions such as lavender, English, Jasmine, rose, and sandalwood. These are known to have a mild fragrance and doesn’t make the skin dry.

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10. Medimix:


This soap has 60% TFM and belongs to grade 3. Various herbs are its ingredients and hence it has a good herbal fragrance. There are three glycerin versions of this product available with a sandalwood version also.

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11. Superia Silk:

Superia Silk

This is a soap from ITC, with TFM 76%. It can be used on the body and face for cleansing the pores. It has a pleasant fragrance and pampers your skin well.

12. Park Avenue Fragrant Soap:

Park Avenue Fragrant Soap

This is a grade 1 soap with premium fragrance and has TFM 76%. There are three moisturizers in this soap, namely coconut oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. It is an ideal soap for men and can be used for skin cleansing without drying it.

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13. Amway Pesona Soap:

Amway Pesona Soap

This soap has 76% TFM and comes with the goodness of sweet almond oil that keeps the skin moisturized, smooth and supple; glycerin which locks in the moisture and vitamin E.

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14. Godrej Fair Glow:

Godrej Fair Glow

This is a great soap that produces a rich lather and removes the dirt and impurities from the skin. It has 76% TFM.

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15. Vivel Soap:

Vivel Soap

This soap comes with the goodness of aloe vera that ensures a satin-soft skin. It has 10x butter for luxurious skin with deep nourishment. It has 70% TFM.

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16. Johnsons Baby Soap:

Johnsons Baby Soap

This is a perfect soap for babies which comes with a mild fragrance and the goodness of vitamin E. It maintains the moisture in the skin of kids. The skin is gently cleaned by the formation of a rich, creamy lather. Its TFM content is 78%.

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17. Santoor Sandal and Turmeric:

Santoor Sandal and Turmeric

This soap comes with anti-microbial characteristics because of the sandal and turmeric content that fights skin problems like, allergies, acne, and blackheads. People with dry or oily skin can use it. It has 72% TFM.

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18. Lifebuoy:


It is one of the widely used soaps for cleaning hands as it can ensure protection from germs because of the Active Naturol Shield in it. Its TFM is 60%.

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19. Nivea Soap:

Nivea Soap

This is a perfect soap for keeping the natural moisture of the skin intact because of the glycerin in it. The TFM in the soap is 78%. It can cleanse the skin without drying it up

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20. Dettol Original:

Dettol Original

It is mostly used soap, especially during these times of pandemic because it protects from various kinds of germs and has a TFM of 71%. It cleanses the skin deeply and the glycerin in it keeps the skin moisturized.

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It is always better to opt for soaps with a higher TFM. Besides this, you need to keep in mind your skin type before using soap so that you do not experience any skin issues later.

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