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10 Best Pillow For Sleeping India – Top Best Reviews

Resting your head following a tiring day is significant as it’s your snapshot of unwinding. The pad to be utilized, consequently, must be delicate, agreeable and unwinding. An inappropriate decision in the material can regularly prompt serious neck torment, shoulder agony, migraines and even back torment. Thus, it is constantly recommended to go for pillows suitable according to your need. Let us take a look at some of the best pillows for sleeping in this article which is available online to buy.

How are Pillows Useful?

Choosing a correct pillow for self is important as we can see nowadays people are suffering a lot in their day to day life just to get a sound or proper sleep and in all these pillow plays an important role which is ignored by many of us. Pillows are helpful to us in a way to give relief to our head, neck, shoulders and back when we lay down on the bed to take rest. It is important to keep your head, neck and shoulders in a proper manner on bed to get a refreshing sleep which is supported by a pillow.

Top 10 Best Pillows for Sleeping To Buy Online in India

1. Gowri Tex Soft Pillow

gowri tex soft pillow

Gowri Tex Pillows are a fantastic pillow set of 5. The softness of the pillows will give you full comfort as the stuffing is done after looking at the discomfort of people who struggle a lot to have a comfortable and sound sleep after a heavy and tired day.


  • No. of pieces: 5
  • Item shape: Rectangle
  • Primary material: Cotton
  • Fabric type: Cotton
  • Fill material: Microfiber
  • Material care instruction: Hand washes only
  • Product firmness: Plush
  • Weight: 700gams (fill material weight)
  • Soft and comfortable because of the microfiber.
  • Chances of having a headache are less due to the softness of the pillow.
  • Comfortable for spinal cord.
  • Light weight.
  • Costly.
  • Some people who like to sleep on a bit of a firm pillow can face problems.
  • Cannot be washed in the washing machine.

Ratings: 4.3/5

2. PumPum Hollow Fibre Pillow:

pum pum pillow

The luxurious pillows from PumPum are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep. The pillows are made up with the combination of fine quality materials which makes the pillows more comfortable for you. Using these pillows will make themselves your favorite.


  • No. of pieces: 5
  • Item shape: Rectangular
  • Primary material: Hollow Fiber
  • Fill material: hollow Microfiber
  • Material care instruction: Hand washes only
  • Product firmness: Super Plush
  • Weight: 2.4 kilograms
  • Highly breathable.
  • Inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Retains its shape.
  • Can’t wash in the washing machine.
  • Costly.
  • May not be comfortable for the people who search for little firmness in their pillow.

Ratings: 3.6/5

3. MOJOREST Cervical Contour Memory Foam Pillow

mojorest cervical contour memory foam pillow

This pillow provides ideal balance of comfort and support for your neck. The material of the pillow adapts to your head, neck and shoulders and retains its original shape in the morning when you wake. The pillow doesn’t contain any toxic chemical in it.


  • Number of item: 2
  • Item shape: Wedge
  • Item weight: 1 kg 500 g
  • Color: white
  • Size: king
  • Primary material: others
  • Ergonomic design helps to align the spine and relieve pain in your head, neck and shoulders.
  • Rebound time of 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Chemical free for better health.
  • Dust resistant.
  • 3 inches thick, which can be problematic for those who want with less height?
  • A bit costly.

Ratings: 3.8/5

4. Recron Certified Bliss Fibre Pillow

recron certified bliss fibre pillow

This is recommended for side sleepers. Recron certified is the registered trademark of reliance industries for home comfort products. Softness of the pillows will give you sound sleep and full comfort. Its non-allergic, durable and hygienic unique features make it different from others.


  • Number of items: 1
  • Weight: 1 kg 590 g
  • Fill Material: Polyester
  • Item Shape: Rectangular
  • Outer Material: Microfiber
  • Fluffy and bouncy feel with ultrafine 3D conjugate fiber filling.
  • Regains its shape easily.
  • Good product for side sleepers.
  • Too soft.
  • Expensive.

Ratings: 3.9/5

5. Dreamfactory 400 GSM Knitted

dreamfactory pillow

This provides you amazing comfort with softness. It’s non-allergic and is a perfect blend of soft internal fiber. This pillow provides a uniform support throughout your sleep no matter if you are a Side Sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper. Antimicrobial and Deodorizing properties that give you cleaner sleep every night.


  • Number of item: 2
  • Primary Material: Knitted fiber
  • Shape of item: Rectangular
  • Product Firmness: Plush
  • Best for every kind of sleeper.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Non allergic.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Bouncy in nature.
  • Regains its shape.
  • Expensive.
  • Too soft for the ones who need some firmness.

Ratings: 4.3/5

6. Amazon Brand-Solimo Bed Pillow

amazon brand-solimo bed pillow

Its an amazing product of amazon brand which gives luxurious feel with extra softness of the pillow. Premium quality product.


  • Number of item: 2
  • Primary material: Microfiber
  • Item Shape: rectangular
  • Weight of item: 1.91 kg
  • Designed specially to provide maximum comfort to your neck and head.
  • Extra Soft for great comfort.
  • Suitable for every kind of sleeper.
  • Bit expensive for 2 pillows only.

Ratings: 4/5

7. The White Willow Memory Foam Pillow

the white willow memory foam pillow

The white willow memory foam cooling gel orthopedic bed pillow for sleeping and neck pain relief suitable for all kinds of sleepers. Gives a cool and good feeling. It gently fits the space between head and shoulders. Gives you refreshing sleep.


  • Number of item: 1
  • Primary Material: Cooling gel
  • Item Shape: rectangular
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: 1.67 kg
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long lasting durability.
  • Dust resistant.
  • Work well with who needs a high height of pillow.
  • A bit expensive for 1 pillow.
  • High heighted.

Ratings: 4/5

8. Duroflex Energy Foam Pillow

duroflex foam pillow

The medium firm pillow features a breathable mesh with maximum air ventilation and keeps the pillow cool and hygienic for long. This pillow is ideal for those who are looking for a medium firm foam pillow with extra support.


  • Fabric: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Fill Material: foam
  • Product Firmness: plush
  • Item Shape: rectangular
  • Medium firm foam
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers.
  • Gives full support to neck, head and shoulders.
  • Bit expensive for 1 pillow only.
  • Only for the ones who need firmness.

Ratings: 5/5

9. Snoopy Fibre Pillow

snoopy pillow

It’s a pure white silky shine, elegant look and with soft felt pillows. Its softness will give you the comfort you are searching for. It is suitable for each and every kind of sleepers, especially for the side sleepers. It will give you sound and refreshing sleep.


  • Number of item: 5
  • Primary Material: Microfiber
  • Shape of Item: rectangular
  • Weight of Item: 3121 grams
  • Comfortable for all kinds of sleepers.
  • Extra soft due to micro fibre.
  • Skin friendly.
  • Not suitable for the ones who want firmness.
  • Bit costly.

Ratings: 4/5

10. The White Willow Cervical Orthopedic Memory Foam

white willow orthopedic memory foam pillow

The design of the pillow upholds the neck and head properly. It’s an amazing product for the ones who are suffering from neck and head pain. It provides perfect comfort to the user.


  • Number of Items: 1
  • Weight of the Item: 1.14 kg
  • Primary Material: Memory foam
  • Shape of the item: wedge
  • Best for the neck and head pain.
  • Zero pressure relief.
  • Developed with several standard sizes and heights for comfort.
  • Expensive.

Ratings: 3.8/5

Best Pillows Buying Guide in India – How to Choose the Best Pillows for Sleeping?

1. Do Search for More

Never ever stick to a product you see first. Do more research and look for each and every features and prices too because you never know if the same features you are getting within the lower price. Look for the reviews and the ratings.

2. What is Your Need

Before buying a pillow you need to know what kind of pillow your body wants? There are different kinds of needs for different people, some want a firm pillow for their neck and head to rest and some want a soft pillow for their comfort. So, what is your need.

Look for the Fill Material You Will be Comfortable With

There are different types of fill material which are filled for comfort of the user:

1. Feather and Down Pillows:

These pillows are made with the wing, back and down feathers of ducks and goose; these pillows are lightweight, cozy and fluffy. These are the most expensive pillows in the world.

2. Organic Cotton Pillows:

Cotton is organic and sustainable, these pillows are filled with cotton. They are soft and lightweight too. These are eco-friendly because they are non-toxic. These pillows are resistant to mould because of this the cotton needs to fluff periodically as they do not hold their space.

3. Memory Foam Pillows:

These are made up of polyurethane. This pillow provides a good support by contouring the shape of the neck and the head on the pillow. Some of these pillows do have gel on them which is there for cooling effect on the body. As these pillows are made up of chemicals; they release some gases sometimes. And these pillows get overheated due to the body temperature.

4. Latex Pillows:

These pillows are made up of latex which is a sticky white fluid extracted from rubber trees. These pillows provide good comfort. These people are not suitable for the ones who are allergic to latex.

5. Synthetic Pillows:

These pillows are made up of rayon or synthetic fills. These are light in weight and soft too.

3. Choose the Height of the Pillow

Pillows are in two distinct heights: low and high. While choosing your pillow’s tallness, keep in mind that your ideal sleeping position is one in which your spinal cord is totally straight. Your favored sleeping position ought to figure out which height you should choose. In the event that you principally rest on your side, you ought to pick a pillow with high height. The pillow ought to be comfortable and normally uphold the bends of your neck. On the off chance that you rest on your back or stomach notwithstanding, at that point a pillow with low height is ideal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. At What interval of time we should change our pillow?

Ans: You can replace your pillow in two to three year if needed.

2. How are organic pillows different from normal pillows?

Ans: Organic pillows are filled with eco-friendly material which is good for health and non-organic pillows are made up of some harmful chemicals and synthetic materials which may put us at risk of inhaling chemicals while sleeping.

3. Which best is for pillow ‘polyester or microfiber’?

Ans: Polyester pillow has a short lifespan and is known for gradual degradation. Microfiber pillows have a long lifespan and are made up of very fine synthetic fiber. Microfiber is combined with breathability of cotton and softness.

4. What is the time interval to wash a pillow?

Ans: Most of the pillows can be washed at a particular temperature. Be sure to wash your pillows at least twice a year. Check in the product description list whether to wash your pillow by hand or by washing machine.

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