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The 10 Best Fountain Pens in India – Specifications & Reviews

“Smooth strokes of a pen are as important as the swiftness of a sword”. With the new advancements kicking in, fountains pens still tend to be the classics of authenticity. Every writer ever has a soft corner for them be it a child or an oldie after all age is just another number! Therefore we are here with a list of best top 10 fountain pens which would make your writing experience memorable!

How are Fountain Pens Useful?

Asking a writer if he needs a pen is like asking a human if he needs food. For the modern times, a good pen to scribble is as important as a beautiful mind is for writing wonders because people don’t write for the sake of writing, they write to experience and to live.

Top 10 Fountain Pens In India

1. Pilot Crocodile Design Fountain Medium

pilot fountain pen

This is yet another butter smooth fountain pen with metal body merging a sense of design with flawless flow of writing. The life of this pen lies in its exceptionally smooth steel nib designed for cursive.


  • Pen Barrel Color: Black
  • Ink Color: With Converter to Fill Ink
  • Point Type: Medium, 1 mm
  • Pen Type: Fountain Pen Point
  • Packaging Type: Black Color Gift Box Packaging
  • Buttery smooth writing.
  • The ink in the nib continues to stay fresh unlike others.
  • The flow of writing might vary depending on the quality of paper.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4.4/5

2. Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen

pelikan twist fountain pen

Yet another addition to your beautiful fountain pen collection this pelican bronze twist fountain pen doesn’t only fits well on the paper but also serves looks in your hands. The sharp bronze color gives it an extra royal shade making it look more appealing than ever.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension (l*w*h*): 23.5 x 6.4 x 2.1 Centimeters
  • Young modern design.
  • Ergonomic grip zone for right and left handers.
  • Refillable with Pelikan ink cartridges.
  • Can be erasable with Pelikan ink eradicators.
  • Nib is good.
  • Aesthetic, attractive, charismatic appearance.
  • The pen sits great in the hand and looks good.
  • Not comfortable for living writing.
  • Expensive.
  • Needs frequent refilling.

Rating: 4.2/5

3. Sheaffer Fountain Pen

sheaffer fountain pen

Sheaffer 300 is yet another golden fish in the pond. It comes with a ultra-contemporary balanced cigar-shape with a chrome finish, steel nib and nickel plate trim stating a powerful existence in the room! Its formal design and understated finish epitomizes elegance all over again. The buttery flow of Sheaffer 300 acts as a cherry on the cake.


  • Ink color: Blue
  • Brand: Sheaffer
  • Material: Sheaffer
  • Comfortable and balanced cigar shaped profile.
  • Packaged in a luxury Sheaffer gift box.
  • Flawless outlook.
  • Easy writing.
  • Good ink flow.
  • A cartridge/convertor pen and comes with 2 Sheaffer cartridges.
  • Heavier when held with the cap.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4.4/5

4. Parker Urban Matte Black Fountain Pen

parker urban matte black fountain pen

Parker urban matte GT is another catch! Its plastic coated metal look highlighting the matte black color body makes its looks more appealing. Moreover, the medium stainless steel nib flows like butter on paper and makes you write more and more with every page turning.


  • Material: brass
  • Mode: Fountain pen
  • Pen opening mechanism: Cap off/cap on
  • Ink color: Blue, warranty: 2 years
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Refillable.
  • Easy flawless smooth writing.
  • Smooth as silk.
  • Aesthetic look.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4/5

5. Lamy Medium Matte Charcoal Fountain Pen

lamy 17m medium matte black charcoal fountain pen

Lamy 17- crafted for ultimate writing experience this pen is a must have! The charcoal body with a matte finish makes it hard for one’s hand to not grab. This beauty comes in handy with interchangeable black nibs allowing to widen your writing experience.


  • Brand: Lamy
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Closure type: Click-off cap
  • With ink cartridge LAMY T 10 blue.
  • With LAMY ink converter.
  • Light weighted.
  • Makes your writing fuzz free.
  • Good amount of line variations.
  • Good quality of convertor.
  • The ink color might vary.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4.5/5

6. Scrikss Legendary Piston Filler

scrikss legendary fountain pen

The new Scrikss 419 is a classic legendary writing tool with a classic finish on the outside and a smooth flow on the inside! This pen comes with gold plated iridium nib and nozzle along with an acrylic burgundy barrel making it not only looks captivating and winsome but also making your writing experience worthwhile!


  • Burgundy Acrylic Barrel, Cap and Section, Gold Plated Clip, Ring And Nozzle.
  • Piston Filler Mechanism; Gold Plated Iridium Point Nib.
  • Special Feature: Sensitive Fine Core Nib.
  • Packed In a Premium Box.
  • Containing a Warranty Card.
  • Winsome outer body with simplistic golden trimming looks.
  • Great grip.
  • No ink spill.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4.3/5

7. Lamy Studio Fountain Pen

lamy studio fountain pen

The artistic looks of this pen with subtle hints of elegance along with an ergonomic grip makes it stand out of the line. This beautiful version of Lamy features flawless imperial blue finish giving you a priceless time while you put your heart out on the paper. The substantial balanced weight of the pen makes it easier for one to hold a grip and write as well.


  • Color: Blue
  • Ink color: Blue
  • Brand: Lamy
  • Material: Metal
  • Fountain Pen with Fine Nib.
  • Fine nib with tested smooth parker ink.
  • Light weighted.
  • Long life.
  • Expensive.
  • Polished section might get slippery.

Ratings: 4.6/5

8. Parker Stainless Chrome Fountain Nib

parker sonnet fountain pen

Parker sonnet chrome is yet another catch making you writing experience memorable for once and for all. The steel trim on the outer body for the pen makes it all the more appealing for any writer! The highly authentic quality of build makes it easier for one to have a good grip around the pen and write without any friction.


  • Trims Metal: PVD gold trims
  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Cap Material: Lacquer on brass
  • Warranty: 2 Years warranty
  • Brand: Parker
  • Value for money.
  • Great grip.
  • Smooth sonnet nib.
  • Does not create friction.
  • Expensive.
  • Not recommended for quick writings.

Ratings: 4.1/5

9. Parker Urban Premium Medium Fountain Pen

parker urban premium fountain pen

Parker urban premium is another new authentic beauty in the world of fountain pens. Its appealing green finish with a smooth flawless ink flow on the paper gives it a perfect balance between the classics and moderns. This pen is a must have.


  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: 20*20*150 mm
  • Mode: Fountain pen
  • Pen opening mechanism: Cap off/cap on
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Smooth flawless writing.
  • Great grip.
  • Great built.
  • Winsome looks.
  • Ink color might be lighter.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4.6/5

10. Sheaffer Taranis Diamond Chrome Fountain

sheaffer taranis fountain pen

This pen is yet another balanced substantial mix of diamond dust and chrome trim giving the pen a captivating look. As good as it is on the outside the ink flow quality along with its long lasting life makes it all the more appealing for every write! It is always a must have!


  • Color: Diamond dust blue
  • Ink color: blue
  • Brand: Sheaffer
  • Dimensions: 18.3*9*4.5 cm
  • Packaged in a luxury gift box.
  • Appealing color.
  • Perfect finish.
  • Good grip.
  • Smooth ink flow.
  • Long lasting.
  • Maintaining Shaffer standards.
  • Expensive.
  • Ink flow might disrupt.

Rating: 4/5

Fountain Pen Buying Guide India: What to Look Out for When Buying a Fountain Pen?

In order to select only the best based on your requirements, below mentioned are some of the important criteria that one must keep in mind before bagging a fountain pen.

1. What Exactly Do You Need:

Now before blindly bumping into hi fi stationery, it is important for you to think and understand what kind of fountain pen you are looking for or what kind will suit you the best. If you must select the best suitable nibs and grip based on your preference for the fountain pens are known for their ultimate luxury utilizing solid gold or metal nibs. Therefore it is important to select your writing instrument of choice beforehand.

2. Pricing and Value:

The prices for these luxury fountain pens can range from mid$-100 to literally tons of thousands for one of a kind unique molded writing instruments. Therefore it is important to9 decide a budget and stick onto it while you bag in the best one in that budget.

3. Body Material:

Another factor to be considered is the material used for the cap and barrel because a true sign of an authentic fountain pen is the use of hard worked material like ebonite hard rubber or cellulite or titanium or sterling steel. These fountain pens come in great variety ranging from silver plates to matte finish. Various materials provide one with different quality of grip and the outlook varies as well! Fountains pens are known for their authentic looks therefore before bagging any, make sure you take a good look at all of them.

4. Finish and Trim:

After the body material, next thing to be taken into consideration is the finishing and the trimming of the pen, for an authentic product like this one wouldn’t be complete without a flawless trim. While the colored resins and paint based lacquers continue to be the best ones, the metal trims also have an aesthetic shade making it affordable for many. These also come with solid gold nibs, plating in rhodium or rose gold to go in hand with the barrel and cap.

5. Special Edition or Made to Order:

While most of the pens are available at standard prices everywhere there are a few which are made only one of a kind, also referred to as special editions. For instance, the Pelikan (Germany based) is a special limited run edition.

6. Writing Quality:

Last but the most important aspect to be taken into consideration is the quality of writing or the kind of flow or the strength of friction that the pens put up with. In case of fountain pens the writing experiences differ with nibs along with the ink flow or the writing pressure or the writing angle. Therefore all of these things must be taken into consideration before selecting your ideal fountain pen.

Before ordering anything online it is always a wise decision to go through the reviews and ratings for the people who have used it, for it is always better to inquire before investing. Buy only the best for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How should I choose a perfect nib?

Ans: Before choosing a nib for your pen it is important to know that the wider the tip the wider the line it will create. Nibs vary differently from extra fine to broad to stub nibs.

2. Can you use any ink for fountain ones?

Ans: Fountain pens can use any ink designed for fountain pens exclusively, using other inks might just ruin the quality of the flow over time.

3. How long does the ink last in a fountain pen?

Ans: A cartridge should last for about a week for like a consistent use and might even last for more than a week in.

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