Top 10 Best Gaming Chair In India 2022

best gaming chair in india

People working from home or those who love playing games need the right kind of chair to maintain the correct posture while sitting for longer hours. It is essential as it provides support to prevent pain in the back, shoulders, neck, thus preventing a lot of health issues in the long run. Let us see some of the best gaming chairs for better comfort.

Best Gaming Chair In India 2022:

1. Green Soul® Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

green soul® monster ultimate (s) multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair

Green Soul® Monster gaming chair comes with an ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort during working or gaming.

It is perfect for people with 5ft. 2″ to 5ft. 10″ height.

The spandex material of the fabric with PU leather is durable and comfortable too.

You can lock it in any position as per your comfort.It offers 15 degrees for rocking.

It features a class 4 gas lift type with a heavy metallic base.


  • Brand: Green Soul
  • Color: Black & Blue
  • Material: Metal
  • Style: Full_Back
  • Frame Size: Large
  • Top Material Type: Fabric
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Back Style: Solid Back
  • Item Weight: 23 Kilograms
  • Warranty: 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 71 x 133 Centimetres
  • Premium soft fabric ensures better breathability compared to a leather chair as it prevents heat build-up.
  • Sturdy internal metallic frame.
  • It has a neck pillow for better comfort.
  • The lumbar support foam is made up of memory foam.
  • The backrest can be adjustable at an angle of 90-180 degrees as per your need.
  • Sturdy caster wheels for ease of movement.
  • Lumbar pillow support could have been better.

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2. Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

savya home by apex crusader xi gaming office chair

Savya home by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair is easy to assemble and this takes just 10-15 min on following the instructions provided with it.

Thick cushions ensure maximum comfort.

You get all the necessary hardware with this racing gaming chair for assembly.

It can be adjusted based on the height of your computer desk.

170 degree tilt lever for more convenience.


  • Brand: SAVYA HOME
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Material: Others
  • Frame Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 24 kg 600 g
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 140 kg
  • Sitting Area Dimensions: 16”(L) x 19.68”(W)
  • Dimensions: 20.86″(L) x 21.26″(W) x 48.82″-51.97″(H)
  • Included Components: Full Chair in Semi Assembled State
  • Breathable fabric made up of PU leather.
  • It has a headrest and lumbar support that is freely adjustable.
  • It has a lock tilt adjustment and reclines angle adjuster for preventing fatigue.
  • 360-degree swivel mechanism.
  • Smooth-rolling alloy casters for ease of movement.
  • It has a class 4 gas lift for better durability.
  • Build quality could have been better.

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3. OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

ofm essentials collection high-back racing style bonded leather gaming chair

OFM Essentials Collection Gaming Chair comes with a high back racing style that ensures complete comfort.

Suitable for office work as well as gaming.


  • Brand: OFM
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Leather
  • Item Weight: 37 Pounds
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 275 Pounds
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 77.5 x 71.8 x 113 Centimetres
  • Head cushion to prevent neck pain.
  • Armrest is well aligned to avoid any stress on the wrist while using mouse and keyboard.
  • Thick cushion for a great sitting 0experince.
  • Lumbar support could have been better for an upright position.

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4. CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair Comfort Design

corsair t3 rush gaming chair comfort design

CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair comes with decent adjustment features to suit your requirements.

3D decorations on the material create a great look.


  • Brand: Corsair
  • Color: Gray/Charcoal
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Item Weight: 49.6 Pounds
  • Style: T3 RUSH
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 88.5 x 88.5 x 37.5 Centimetres
  • Lumbar support with a memory foam pillow prevents back pain while sitting on it for long durations.
  • Soft and breathable fabric is comfortable even during summers,
  • A softer armrest could have been better.

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5. Green Soul® Beast Series Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair

green soul® beast series multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair

Green Soul® Beast Series Gaming Chair has an ergonomic build for ensuring comfort during long hours of work or gaming.

It supports 120 kg weight and is fit for people with 5ft – 5ft. 10″ height.

It has adjustable armrests.


  • Brand: Green Soul
  • Color: Black & red
  • Material: Fabric and PU Leather
  • Style: Modern
  • Size: Medium
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Seat Depth: 47 Centimetres
  • Warranty: 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Height Suitability: 5 ft – 5 ft.10″ (152-178 cm)
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 120 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 47 x 73 x 122 Centimetres
  • Durable metallic build for sturdiness.
  • Breathable upholstery made of soft fabric and PU leather that doesn’t cause heat build-up.
  • It has a 180-degree recline feature.
  • Proper neck and lumbar support to avoid back pain.
  • Foam could have been thicker.
  • Needs more maintenance as it collects debris more often.

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6. Casa Copenhagen Professional Gaming Chair

casa copenhagen professional gaming chair

Casa Copenhagen Professional Gaming Chair has been ergonomically designed for comfort during long hours of work
90 degree to170 degree safety angle armrest.


  • Brand: Casa Copenhagen
  • Color: Red Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Top Material Type: Aluminum
  • Package Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 5 cm; 500 Grams
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 120 Kilograms
  • Supports back with its high back design.
  • Large size cushion for better comfort.
  • Made up of sponge and PU leather material which is more durable.
  • 360-degree swivel feature.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Smooth-rolling casters of heavy-duty for ease of movement.
  • No demerits.

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7. CELLBELL® C102 High Back Office/Computer/Desk/Gaming Chair

cellbell® c102 high back office computer desk gaming chair

CELLBELL® C102 gaming chair is perfect for use in the office or home.

It comes with thick seats that don’t get compressed even after prolonged usage.

It has an adjustable backrest and reclines.


  • Brand: CELLBELL
  • Color: Black-Green
  • Material: Chromium Steel
  • Item Weight: 17.5 Kilograms
  • Style: Office Chair
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Warranty: 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation: 110 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 50 x 40 x 39 Centimetres
  • Included Components: Gas-Lift Hydraulic Shaft, Bolt-Mechanism., Chair Back, Chair Seat and Chair Arm-Rest., Wheel-Base with 5 castor Wheels.
  • Adjustable height to suit your requirements.
  • Heavy chrome base.
  • Easy to install with the help of instructions and videos.
  • Quality needs improvement.

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8. X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

x rocker se 2.1 black leather video gaming chair

X Rocker SE 2.1 Gaming Chair is compatible with Xbox Playstation Gameboy Nintendo Wii MP3s DVDs and others.

Ergonomic build.


  • Brand: ACE
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Other
  • Style: Modern
  • Seat Height: 11.8 Inches
  • Item Weight: 18 kg 400 g
  • Mattress Comfort: Foldable
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 57.4 x 78 x 95.5 Centimetres
  • It comes with an inbuilt sound system, 2 speakers and a subwoofer.
  • It has a wireless audio transmission and headphone jack with an option to control volume and bass from the side control panel.
  • Short arm support.
  • Bass could have been better.

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9. Sunon Gaming Chair Adjustable Seat Height Ergonomic Chair

sunon gaming chair adjustable seat height ergonomic chair

Sunon Gaming Chair has an ergonomic design with a large seat for a comfortable experience while working or gaming.

The headrest is removable and the backrest is high enough to provide enough support to the back and neck.

It can support 120 kg weight.


  • Brand: Sunon
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Material: Leather
  • Furniture Finish: Gaming Chair
  • Item Weight: 17.5 Kilograms
  • Style: Modern
  • Top Material Type: PVC Leather
  • Frame Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Seat Height: 84 Centimetres
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 123 x 54 x 84 Centimetres
  • Seat is made up of durable PU leather.
  • Adjustable height and 90° to 155° reclining backrest to suit different desk heights and sitting positions.
  • Easy to install with the help of instructions and tools provided.
  • No demerits.

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10. beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Revolving Office/Director/Gaming Chair

beaatho js-2 executive high back revolving office director gaming chair

beAAtho JS-2 gaming chair is perfect for office work or hardcore gamers and it comes with a premium look.

It has an ergonomic build to ensure comfort during prolonged use.

It can be assembled easily.


  • Brand: BeAAtho
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Teak
  • Item Weight: 15 kg
  • Frame Material: Teak
  • Warranty Description: 1 YEAR WARRANTY
  • Item Dimensions (L x W x H): 85 x 53 x 53 Centimetres
  • Included Components: Mechanism kit, Chair Seat, Hydraulic Gas Lift Cyinder, Hydraulic Gas Lift Gas Lift Cylinder Cover, Chair Base
  • Its internal frame is made up of wood and has synthetic upholstery.
  • Extra padded leatherette seat, back, and armrests for better comfort while sitting.
  • Adjustable height.
  • No option of reclination.

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Who all Needs a Gaming Chair?

  • As the name indicates, gamer’s need it. Apart from that, here are the people who must use a gaming chair:
  • Freelancers working most of their time sitting in front of their desktop/laptop.
  • Aged people who are working from home and already have back issues. Anyone else who has a similar problem also needs it while sitting to prevent the health condition from worsening.
  • You-Tubers who need to maintain an upright posture to look into the cameras for creating vlogs and other video content.

Best Gaming Chairs Buying Guide:

Here are some parameters you need to look for while purchasing a gaming chair:

1. Understand your Requirement:

First, decide why you need the gaming chair and accordingly invest in it. If you are a hardcore gamer or sit in front of a laptop for your work for more than 10-12 hours then it is important to invest in a good quality chair so that it can last longer and help you maintain the right posture.

2. Ergonomic Design:

A gaming chair with an ergonomic design ensures better comfort even when you sit on it for longer hours. They should have lumbar support to ensure that you don’t experience pain in your back after using it.

3. Ease of Movement:

The gaming chair that you are buying should have good quality wheels for ease of movement to any part of the room as per the convenience.

4. Maximum Load:

Check the maximum weight that can be supported by the chair as per your weight to make sure that it can easily take your load without breaking. Generally, most gaming chairs are designed to carry up to 150 kg weight.

5. Warranty:

Check the warranty period to ensure that any issues can be resolved by the company with the least expenses from your pocket during the warranty period.

6. Type of Fabric and Cushion:

This is to ensure better air circulation when you sit on it for a long duration. It is better to opt for models which offer open-air circulation.

7. Other Features:

Check if the chair has a gas spring, backrest, and armrests as these have a huge role in ensuring a correct posture and avoiding fatigue while sitting and working, or playing. Make sure that the headrest, armrest, and height are adjustable for better flexibility.

8. Check Which Type Suits your Requirements:

Gaming chairs are of various types so you need to check which perfectly matches your needs. The different types are:

i. PC Gaming Chairs:

These ergonomic chairs can be often found at eSport competitions.

ii. Platform Gaming Chairs:

Game controllers can be stored inside pockets that are in these chairs which are often recliners. There are no inbuilt speakers or headphone jacks in these.

iii. Hybrid Gaming Chair:

They have a swivel base and resemble office chairs. The shape and padding are more like that of the recliners. The advanced models in this category come with multiple monitors, inbuilt surround sound speakers, and different game control mechanisms such as a steering wheel with other features.

iv. Sacco Gaming Chairs:

These are bean bag gaming chairs that contain polystyrene beads. They are comfy and can be placed anywhere easily.

When there are various types of gaming chairs, it is easy to get confused. so you can follow our buying guide and products enlisted above to get the best gaming chair for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. Can a gaming chair be used for office work?

Ans: Yes, the gaming chair’s main purpose is to ensure comfort while working for long hours. So it can be used as an office chair.

Q. Which is the best brand for gaming chairs?

Ans: All the brands which we have mentioned above are really good but among them, Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair has the most positive reviews by the users because of the good experience they had with it.

Q. What are the most important factors which you must see in a gaming chair?

Ans: The best gaming chair should have a backrest and head cushion. The cushion quality should feel comfortable and it must have an ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

Q. Is a gaming chair suitable for people suffering from back issues?

Ans: Yes, the chair is designed to provide enough support to the back and neck for making them feel better while sitting. So, it is a better option for people already having these issues.

Q. Why must one avoid cheap gaming chairs?

Ans: Such chairs have poor build quality which can result in strain on the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and back and result in sagging spine syndrome.

Q. What is the benefit of having holes in the gaming chairs?

Ans: Gaming chairs have holes to ensure better airflow when you sit for long hours while working or in play sessions.

Q. What are bean bag gaming chairs?

Ans: They are sack-like chairs filled with polystyrene beads. They have a soft covering of microfibre or other material. It can easily adjust to your body structure for comfort.

Q. Can a gaming chair be easily maintained?

Ans: Yes, the cushions can be sprayed with water and wiped with a microfibre cloth after which you can leave it open to the air for drying. The wheels can be cleaned with a brush using a soap water mix. Pay special focus on crevices where dust gets deposited. Finally, if it has a metal base, wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning it with a damp cloth.

Q. Which is the best type of gaming chair for working longer hours?

Ans: PC gaming chairs are the best for long durations of working as they have adjustable headrest and armrest.

Q. Are gaming chairs without armrests good?

Ans: No, you must never buy these models as these will exert more pressure on your shoulders and arms, resulting in a lot of discomforts like wrist torments. It is best to get one with flexible armrests.

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