Top 6 Best Cloth Drying Racks to Buy Online in India

Today there is a space crunch everywhere, especially in the apartments when it comes to drying clothes. This has led to a rise in the popularity of cloth drying racks, which can be conveniently used owing to its compactness and portability. In this article, we will see some of the best cloth drying stands.

Best Cloth Drying Racks in India

1. Paffy Cloth Drying Stand

paffy cloth drying stand

This is a large-sized drying rack for clothes that are best for any family with many members. It has multiple rods to carry the load of clothes washed daily.


  • Dimensions: 80 x 37 x 18 cm
  • Weight: 9.5 Kilograms
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Color: White & Blue, White & Orange options available
  • Rust proof body material.
  • It comes with castor wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The two additional hangers in the arm slot let you hang more clothes.
  • Price is somewhat on the higher end.

Rating: 4.3/5

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2. CELEBRATIONS STEEL Cloth Drying Stand

celebration cloth drying stand

This is high capacity clothes drying rack made of durable material that is rustproof. You can dry larger bedsheets also easily in it.


  • Dimensions: 150 x 56 x 92 cm
  • Weight: 5 Kilograms
  • Material: Iron
  • Color: Multiple color options available
  • Lightweight material makes it easy to move.
  • Anti-skid feet because of rubber fitting in the base.
  • Paint quality could have been better.

Rating: 4.1/5

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3. Homwell Deluxe Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cloth Dryer

homewell cloth dryer

This stainless steel hanger fits into the roof where you can dry your clothes. It comes with nylon ropes that have UV protection features, for dropping down the hangers.


  • Dimensions: 155 x 10 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 4 Kilograms
  • Material: Steel
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Rust proof body.
  • Fits on the roof, hence saves space on the floor.
  • For perfect installation, experts are needed.

Rating: 4.3/5

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4. Bathla Mobidry Duo – Medium Size Cloth Drying Stand

bathla mobidry cloth drying stand

This is an efficient cloth drying rack with a maximum drying area. High-grade steel with engineered plastic parts has been used for making the rack. It has a multi level, weather-resistant structure and can be folded easily when you want to store it.


  • Model: MDN+ BL-GRN
  • Dimension: 61.5 x 10 x 134 cm
  • Weight: 6.34 Kilograms
  • Color: Black and green
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • No assembling needed.
  • Comes with a clip pouch and sock hanger.
  • Suffienct height to easily dry larger clothes.
  • Its width could have been better.

Rating: 4.5/5

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5. PARASNATH Prime Cloth Drying Stand

parasnath prime cloth drying stand

It is an efficient, retractable cloth stand that is made from steel and can easily accommodate a lot of clothes for drying. The strong and durable design of the stand makes it last longer.


  • Dimension: 58.5 x 30.5 x 21.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.96 Kilograms
  • Color: White and Blue
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Additional arms are attached to the stand with hangers.
  • There are 6 caster wheels with which the stand can be easily moved.
  • Quality could have been better.

Rating: 4.3/5

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6. Homwell Cloth Dryer Stand

homwell cloth dryer

This is a heavy-duty hanger with stainless steel pipes that are hung in the roof and hence makes the floor space appear clutter-free. It has a useful folding mechanism that gives it a premium look.


  • Dimension: 9 x 9 x 92 cm; 2.4 Kilograms
  • Weight: 2.8 Kilograms
  • Material: Stainless Steel and plastic.
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Spacious.
  • Plastic attachments with holes for hanging clothes.
  • Various combinations of hanging frames.
  • Difficult to assemble.

Rating: 4/5

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What Are The Types of Cloth Drying Racks?

These are of three types:

1. Freestanding Rack:

  • They are portable racks that can be easily carried and stored. Since these are available in various sizes, you can get the one best suited for your needs. X-frame style is the most popular model which has a large weight carrying capacity. Gullwing rack is another type that has adjustable wings and lets you dry clothes of varying lengths. You can dry clothes in the tripod area to ensure that they are wrinkle-free.

2. Mounted Rack:

  • This rack is fixed to the wall or ceiling and hence saves space on the floor. While using, you can retract or tilt it as per your need.
  • In the case of ceiling-mounted drying racks, there are rods with a string system that makes use of warm air quickly during up the clothes. It is a perfect option for small balconies.

3. Wall Mounted Rack:

  • You can opt for this when you have a space crunch. They are compact and can even be folded, thus occupying the least area. These are best used in laundry rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

4. Roof Hanger:

  • This is a great option when you have only a few clothes to hang. You can use it on the door or shower rod’s top. There are clips in certain models to ensure that clothes do not get ripped by sharp edges. Since these are foldable, you can remove the rack after drying the clothes.

Cloth Drying Stand Buying Guide

Some important points to note while purchasing a cloth drying rack are as follows:

1. Build Material:

  • There are various materials in which cloth drying racks are available, i.e wood, plastic, or metal. For drying clothes outside, plastic or steel/ aluminum metal is best as they do not rust after exposure to harsh weather conditions. Wooden drying racks are better for indoors.

2. Capacity:

  • It is the maximum weight a cloth drying rack can hold which is generally 3-7 kgs. Always choose for one with a maximum capacity so that you don’t fall short of space later and there is no chance of collapsing.

3. Compactness and Foldability:

  • These are space-saving features that are essential for ensuring a need and tidy look in your home.

4. Size of The Drying Rack:

  • If you need to dry a lot of clothes usually, get a bigger one. For bachelors or smaller families, smaller drying racks would suffice.

5. Durability:

  • A durable cloth drying rack lasts longer even after being exposed to harsh weather conditions. This can be determined by the material quality used. Plastic and wood are not as durable as stainless steel or aluminum cloth drying racks.

6. Price:

  • Clothes drying racks are available at a wide range of prices, But you can never tell if pricier ones are of good quality. You can check for the reviews of a product to know the experience of people who have used it already before investing.

Drying clothes will be a herculean task when you do not have the proper rack for it. So you need to follow our buying guide for investing in the best cloth drying rack that can last long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the main features of indoor and outdoor drying racks?Do they require installation by professionals?

Ans: Indoor drying racks are easy to use, lightweight, available in various sizes, and have rubber feet for preventing skidding on the floor.
Outdoor drying racks are made from steel or aluminum which are of heavy-duty, can withstand harsh conditions outside, and get protection from stains and rust.
The best part about the clothes drying rack is that you can install them on your own without the help of professionals.

Q. What is the perfect way of drying clothes easily using a drying rack?

Ans: It is better to wash clothes early in the morning so that they can be dried in the sun by the evening. When there are a lot of clothes, you can use hangers to wisely utilize the space in the cloth dryer, instead of overlapping the wet clothes. You should turn them after a few hours to ensure that the drying process is completed quickly, especially during the wet seasons.

Q. What is the best way to maintain a drying rack made of wood?

Ans: Make sure to avoid placing wooden drying racks outdoors as this may cause the formation of mold because of moisture. It is better to dry it up occasionally in bright sunlight for better protection.

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