6 Must Have Dough (Atta) Makers Available In Indian Markets

best dough maker in india

Busy mornings need to run on autopilot. Quick shower, quick dressing, and quick breakfast. Everything happens in a tight window. Imagine having to mix the batter or knead the dough for breakfast or lunch in that rush… Impossible!

All you need then is the dough to be ready, flip a bunch of rotis back-to-back on a hot tawa, and pack up. For such days, we have the best solution for you. A dough maker!

What is a dough maker? How does it work? Which is the best one to buy? What to consider while buying a dough maker? Find answers to all these questions in the following sections

How Does A Dough Maker Work?

A dough maker or atta maker is a type of food processor that kneads the dough for rotis, chapatis, or flatbreads. It has a motor or a rotor that mix water and dry flour to make soft dough.

There are a few varieties of dough makers. Broadly, they can be categorized as mechanical or electric.

1. Mechanical Dough Makers:

In this setup, you add flour (atta), water, and oil (in proportions that you follow) to the mixing bowl. The lid comes with a free-arm handle. When you shut the lid and rotate the handle, the blades in the bowl knead the dough for you.

2. Electric Dough Makers:

These machines run on electricity. They mix all the fed ingredients and give you fluffy dough in minutes. No manual labour.

Unlike the manual dough making process, a dough maker needs no effort and saves time. No more messy countertops and flour-in-hair days!

What’s best- there is no change in taste or consistency in the kneaded atta. You get to enjoy the same fluffy rotis- only more hygienic.

We figured that dough maker is a life-saver on any day. So, we rounded up 6 best options for you. These power-packed dough makers are available in India and sell like hotcakes. Check them out below.

Top 6 Dough (Atta) Makers You Should Consider for Your Busy Kitchen

1. Solimo Plastic Atta/Dough Maker

This is a mechanical atta maker from Amazon, made of 100% food-grade, BPA-free plastic. The Solimo dough maker is equipped with 3 different blades serving multiple purposes- dough kneading, vegetable chopping, and curd/milk/buttermilk frothing.

Kneading is convenient and happens just by rotating the handle of the container- without making your hands oily and dirty. And what’s more- it doesn’t need electricity to run!

  • Transparent body- contents are visible.
  • Comes with 3 measuring cups to measure oil, water and flour.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Unsteady mixing jar.
  • Blades may have sharp edges.
  • Weak build- may not be able to handle large quantities.

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Rating: 4.8/5

2. Preethi Master Chef MGA-524 Atta Kneader

preethi master chef mga-524 atta kneader

This electric atta maker by the brand Preethi®️ allows you to knead 300 g of flour (atta) in just 1 minute. It is compatible with Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond, Blue Leaf Gold, Blue Leaf Platinum and Preethi Daisy motors. All you need to do is add 1 cup of atta and ½ cup of water gradually as the atta starts getting kneaded.

Preethi®️ Master Chef MGA-524 Atta Kneader comes with a 1-year warranty. It has a sturdy jar of about 2.1 L capacity and 2 blades- one each for chopping and kneading.

  • Well-known brand.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Quick and consistent kneading.
  • Expensive.
  • Takes time to clean.
  • Can heat up while kneading.

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3. KENT Atta and Bread Maker 550-Watt

kent atta and bread maker 550-watt

KENT atta and bread maker has automatic mixing and kneading functions. It kneads the dough for chapatis and puris in just 15 minutes. It works on 550W power supply and has a 1-year warranty.

This dough maker is user friendly; and easy to detach and clean. You can use different types of flour to make delicious varieties of bread such as Brown, Wheat or French Bread. The package includes Atta bread maker, kneading panel remover, measuring cup, measuring spoon, and an instruction manual.

  • Value for money.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Hygienically kneads the dough- no need to touch with bare hands.
  • Has 19 different preset menus- bread varieties, pizza dough, chapatti and puri atta, cake, jam, yoghurt, sticky rice, stir fry, defrost, etc.
  • Preset menus may not work.
  • Non-stick coating comes off onto food.
  • It may not be suitable for high-temperature bread baking modes.

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Rating: 4.5/5

4. Clearline Appliances 3.5 L Dough Kneader

clearline appliances 3.5 l dough kneader

This electric dough kneader has a unique heating function to ferment the dough. Such a dough can be used to make exotic flatbreads including Khameeri Roti, Bhaturas, etc. It takes 5 minutes to knead a batch of atta and has 3 timer settings- 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and 15 minutes.

It comes with a 3.5 L non-stick bowl, an unbreakable aluminium blade, and a lockable double lid. This allows you to add ingredients while the machine is running. All these operations are run by a powerful 650 W motor.

  • Ferment function introduces more varieties of rotis, naans, and flatbreads.
  • Quick and cost-effective.
  • Has anti-skid vacuum feet for stable operation.
  • Less noisy.
  • Elegant design and color.
  • Expensive.
  • Inner lining of the jar may conduct electricity.

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Rating: 4.2/5

5. Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker 550 Watt

lifelong atta and bread maker 550 watt

The Lifelong Atta and Bread Maker is loaded with 19 digital customized programs to bake bread and knead atta. It bakes basic, sweet, whole wheat, oats, and gluten-free bread. This intelligent machine also lets you select the kind of dough you need for chapatti, pizza, poori, and desserts.

It comes with detachable components and is known for making cooking hygienic and fuss-free. The dough comes out soft and fresh. All types of bread are evenly baked. You can also adjust the level of crust you want in the loaf.

  • Quick and efficient.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Hygienic kneading.
  • Automatic uniform mixing.
  • Value for money.
  • Flimsy lid and handle.
  • Sharp kneading blades.
  • No instruction manual.

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Rating: 4.0/5

6. Homeplus Plastic Vertical Dough Maker

homeplus plastic vertical dough maker

This is another multi-purpose (4-in-1) dough kneader that has chopping, juicing, and blending functions. It takes just 30 seconds to knead about ½ kg of flour and runs on 350W supply.

The vertical dough maker comes with an unbreakable blade made of food-grade plastic. It can knead the dough and peel peas with equal efficiency.

  • Plastic body- easy to view contents.
  • 4-in-1 feature helps in performing multiple tasks.
  • Makes soft dough within few minutes.
  • Very noisy.
  • All functions may not work equally well.
  • Overall poor product quality.
  • Not cost-effective.

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Rating: 3.2/5

Above listing should help you shortlist a few dough makers for your kitchen. To finalize and order your favorite, you need to look out for certain key features. Read more about them in the buying guide below.

What Features Should You Look for While Buying a Dough Maker?

Before buying a dough/atta and bread maker, compare the shortlisted options for the following features/aspects-

1. Noise and Product Quality:

Most dough makers make a lot of noise. This could indicate poor product quality. Invest in a relatively high-end model to cut down the levels of noise pollution in your kitchen.
Machines made of plastic may not last long and suit high-heat baking processes. Metal mixing jars are sturdier but can be noisy. You don’t want noise adding to your already busy mornings. Choose carefully.

2. Value for Money:

If you are spending a fortune on buying a mechanical dough maker, stop and think. You’d rather get an electric model that saves effort and time.
Check out various features the machine has to offer- heating function, storing area, kneading options, blade varieties, multi-function non-stick parts, dishwasher-friendly, etc.

3. Kneading Paddle:

It is a key component of a dough maker. Your machine should come with at least one kneading paddle that is detachable. It should be efficient in kneading as well as easy to clean.

4. Speed and Capacity:

Opt for a model that can accommodate large batches of flour so that you can make multiple meals in one go. Some models have 2-3 L capacity mixing jars that can knead big batches within minutes. Check out heavy-duty mixers for industrial use or bulk preps in kgs.

Keeping this checklist handy, you should be able to buy a powerful, multi-functional, and durable dough maker.

You would have no regrets after getting home this appliance. Your mornings would get smoother and you’d be prepared to face any surprise visits.

Get ready to whip up an elaborate spread instantly with your dough maker!

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