MDF Vs Particle Board – Which is Better?

mdf vs particle board which is better

Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF:

Wood fiber forms the main constituent of MDF. Glue is used for sticking the fibers together to form a board. People looking for inexpensive yet strong and dense materials for home decor will find them useful as they are available at cheaper rates. Painting the MDF is easier owing to the smoother surface. Also, designs can be easily cut out in it.

Features of MDF:

  • Made using a recycling process and hence eco-friendly.
  • Easy to paint and results in a realistic finish.
  • Solid and dense material but easy to drill and cut without damage.

Demerits of MDF:

  • Strength is less than that of wood.
  • Cracks can occur under stress.
  • Quick absorption of water leads to swelling and damage.
  • It can have a negative impact on the eyes and lungs because of the VOC in it, which has urea-formaldehyde.
  • Manufacturing process results in dust production that can pollute the air.

Particle Board:

Waste wooden materials are used for creating particle boards. It is made by the process of heat pressing resin and sawdust. It is mainly used for making low-end furniture or underlying countertops later.


  • Some degree of tearing occurs during drilling.
  • For a better look, laminate or veneer is used for finishing the surface. It is not a good choice when shaping or molding is involved as this tends to break.


  • Strength is less compared to MDF and plywood, hence need to be carefully handled.
  • Less durable.
  • Less resistance to moisture and humidity. This increases the chances of getting damaged when exposed to moisture.
  • Resin used for the manufacturing process might be harmful to health.

Strength of the MDF is better compared to particle boards. Hence whenever opting for low end furniture for home decor, MDF is a better option as its durability is also fairly good.


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