King vs. Queen Bed: What’s the Difference?

king vs queen bed size difference

Mattress size is an important parameter that needs to be considered while picking a bed. King and queen size beds are the most common choice for families so it is essential to understand their size before getting one. We will discuss more on this in the next section.

Difference Between King and Queen Size Beds:

King size bedQueen size bed
It is larger than the queen size.It is smaller than the king-size bed.
It generally has dimensions of 76″ x 80″ or 72″ x 84″.Its size is 60″ x 80″.
Difficult to move.Easy to move.
It is more expensive.It is less expensive than a king size bed.
Suitable for master bedroom.Suitable for guest bedrooms.

Parameters to Consider While Choosing King or Queen Size Bed:

  1. Number of members sleeping on the bed determines the right size. For couples, queen size is perfect but when kids or pets are sleeping in the bed, it is better to opt for king size.
  2. Size of the person and sleeping positions should also be taken into account. If a person is tall, he would get a comfortable sleep, in a king-sized bed.
  3. Queen-size beds are a good choice for smaller bedrooms. There has to be at least 24-inch space surrounding the bed and the walls for ease of movement. Also, these are easy to move.

Based on the budget and size of your room, you can consider all the factors mentioned above to understand which is the perfect bed size for maximum comfort. Also, the bed frame size has to be checked before getting the king or queen-size bed to make sure that both fit well.

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