8 Best Water Purifiers in India

best water purifiers in india

Our health primarily depends on the quality of the food we consume and the water we drink. Since everything is polluted today, it is necessary to make sure that we take in purified food, water, and air. There are a lot of water-borne diseases, so it is essential to resort to a good water purifier for avoiding any potential health hazards because of unsafe water. In this article, we will see some of the best water purifiers that you can purchase online.

What is Meant by TDS in The Water and What is The Safe TDS Level?

Water contains some dissolved minerals such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, and magnesium with nitrates and phosphates, which comprises a majority of the totally dissolved solids or TDS. Besides the naturally dissolved solids, pollutants because of human activities also contribute to TDS. Our body needs some naturally dissolved minerals because of which the concept pf acceptable TDS levels have come up.

TDS Level:

  • Less Than 300: Excellent
  • 600-900: Fair and acceptable, usually found in underground water.
  • 900-1200: Poor TDS level.
  • Above 1200: Unsuitable for drinking.

Besides just the TDS, the concentration of elements of TDS is also an important factor. Even if the TDS of water is below 300, it may have a high level of arsenic or mercury, with a low level of other useful salts, which makes the water unfit for consumption. At this point, water purifiers come into play to make the water safe for drinking.

8 Best Water Purifiers In India

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflo DX Water Purifier

eureka forbes aquasure aquaflow dx water purifier

This is a wall-mountable water purifier that is suitable when the TDS is up to 200. The TDS meter should be used for gauging this. It makes use of the advanced UV purification technology to provide you pure water for drinking.


  • Model: Aquasure Aquaflow DX
  • Dimensions: 44 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm
  • Weight: 2.9 Kg
  • Power: 230 Watts
  • Input Water Temperature: 10 – 40°C
  • Operating Voltage: 150 V – 270 V AC/50 Hz,
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Free installation.
  • Operates even during the fluctuation of voltage.
  • A high water flow rate lets you quickly fill the bottles.
  • Smart indicator to show the life of UV bulb, cartridge as well as diagnose the machine life.
  • No storage tank.

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Rating: 4/5

2. Havells Plastic UV Plus

havells uv plus water purifier

This is an amazing water purifier with the UF membrane for the removal of microorganisms along with polymeric molecules. It works even when voltage fluctuates between 170 V -310 V, thus ensures electrical protection.


  • Model: GHWUPRL015
  • Dimensions: 37 cm x 34 cm x 57 cm
  • Capacity: 8 litres
  • Color: White and Sky Blue
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Compact design with flexible mounting options.
  • Zero splash faucet with soft-touch.
  • Water molecule restructuring through revitalizer for better hydration as well as mineral absorption.
  • Removable water tank ensures convenient cleaning.
  • Smart alerts for self-diagnosis, purification, a tank full as well as for errors such as failure of UV and SV.
  • Not suitable when the TDS is more than 300 PPM.

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Rating: 4/5

3. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier

eureka forbes aquaguard crystal plus uv water purifier

This is a UV purifier perfect for localities where the TDS is very low and the water doesn’t have a salty taste. Its amazing European look will be a great addition to your kitchen.


  • Model: Aquaguard Crystal plus
  • Dimensions: 31 cm x 23.2 cm x 41.6 cm
  • Weight: 4.5 Kg
  • Input Water Temperature: 10 – 40°C
  • Operating Voltage: 150 V – 270 V AC/50 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 18 Watts.
  • Color: White
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Free installation.
  • e-boiling+ technology for the removal of disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Advanced mineral guard technology retains essential minerals and removes harmful contaminants like pesticides, lead.
  • Auto switch off mode saves electricity and increases UV lam’s life.
  • Backflush removed stagnated water.
  • An advanced electronic monitoring system shuts off the machine when there is an error in purification.
  • Expensive.

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Rating: 4.3/5

4. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Enhance Nxt Water Purifier

eureka forbes aquaguard enhance nxt uv+uf water purifier

This water purifier is equipped with UV+UF technology that provides you with pure water having the goodness of copper in it. There is a chemi-block which eliminates excess chlorine and organic impurities. You won’t find deposition of calcium or magnesium deposits because of the Mineral Guard technology.


  • Model: 8901561224428
  • Color: Black
  • Storage Capacity: 7 Lt
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Mineral guard for retaining essential minerals in the water.
  • Inbuilt storage tank.
  • Active copper technology to include the goodness of Copper.
  • i-Filter for suspended particle removal.
  • Expensive.

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Rating: 4.2/5

5. TATA Swach Stainless Steel Water Purifier

tata swach stainless steel water purifier

This water purifier results in pure water free from microorganisms, harmful chemicals, and particulate matter. It is perfect for localities where water has TDS of 250-350.


  • Dimensions: 26.5 cm x 26.5 cm x 35.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.1 Kg
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Steel
  • Makes water free from cysts.
  • Stainless steel storage ensures durability and a non-toxic way of water storage.
  • Long-lasting UHF filter that lasts for about 1.5 years.
  • Convenient cleaning.
  • Poor after-sale service.

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Rating: 3.7/5

6. A.O Smith X2 Water Purifier

a.o. smith 5 litres uv + uf water purifier x2

This water purifier has a 5 stage purification technology with different filters for sediment, fine sediment, and carbon block filter too. This ensures clean and healthy water. It has an elegant design with an LED display, which can be an amazing addition to your kitchen.


  • Model: A.O.Smith X2
  • Dimensions: 26 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm
  • Weight: 8.9 Kg
  • Operative Voltage: 150 ~300V AC, 50 Hz
  • Input Water Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
  • Power: 60 Watts
  • Material: Virgin food-grade ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Free installation
  • UV lamp and UF filter for perfect filtration.
  • Alert for replacing UV life.
  • 5 Lt storage capacity.
  • You will need to install a pressure valve in case the input pressure is more than 30 psi.
  • Similarly, in case the pressure is less than 5 psi, a booster pump installation is needed.
  • Suitable only when the water has low TDS.

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Rating: 4.3/5

7. KENT Alkaline Water Filter

kent alkaline water filter

This is a portable water filter in the form of a jug that maintains the balanced pH levels(8.5-9.5) through its sediment, carbon, and alkaline media filter. You can have odorless fresh water with it anytime because it reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP), resulting in antioxidant alkaline water.


  • Model: 11054
  • Dimensions: 30 cm x 11.5 cm x 25.5 cm
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Capacity: 3.5 lt
  • Color: Grey
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Travel friendly.
  • The antioxidant potential of water is enhanced.
  • No physical impurities.
  • Removes chemical impurities such as chlorine from water.
  • Less storage capacity.

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Rating: 4/5

8. A.O.Smith Water Purifier

a.o.smith water purifier

This is an amazing feature-loaded UV water purifier with a stylish design that will perfectly complement your kitchen interior. This is suitable when the TDS in the water is low.


  • Model: A.O.Smith Z1
  • Dimensions: 36.9 cm x 32.6 cm x 48.2 cm
  • Weight: 11.7 Kg
  • Power: 36 Watts
  • Input Water Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
  • Operative Voltage: 150 ~300V AC, 50 Hz;
  • Material of Tank: Virgin food-grade ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • It gives UV purified hot water between 45 -80 °C.
  • Indicator for UV life.
  • 5 stage purification.
  • Digital display of information.
  • Easy to operate at night because of the glow effect.
  • Expensive.

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Rating: 4.5/5

Water Purifiers Buying Guide – How to Buy the Right Water Purifier?

We have enlisted various parameters you need to consider before making a purchasing decision about water purifier:

1. The Technology Used for Purification:

i. The Sediment Filter:

This filter is generally present outside the machine and removes visible suspended particles and other impurities of larger size before the water enters the machine for further purification. In an RO filter, this is meant for enhancing the longevity of the RO membrane. Water that is already treated by municipalities, does not need this filter.

ii. Pre-Activated Carbon Filters:

This removes the VOC (volatile organic compounds) and other organic impurities from water, thus making it odorless.

iii. RO Filtration:

Water generally does not move from higher concentration to lower concentration but when a pump is used, this happens through a semi-permeable membrane which is referred to as Reverse Osmosis. It removes TDS, pesticides, heavy metal impurities, and microorganisms.

iv. Ultraviolet Protection:

Water coming out from a RO filter or normal filter may have some bacteria and viruses. These are killed in the UV chamber, resulting in safe drinking water.

v. Ultrafiltration:

The ultrafiltration membrane has minute pores that trap impurities that might have been left out during the whole purification process.

vi. The TDS Controller:

The issue with RO is that 90% of the TDS is removed from the water including the essential minerals needed by our body. Hence a TDS controller is used for the separation of the input water into 2 parts. One part passes through the RO membrane and the other passes through the UV/ UF which just kills the germs but doesn’t remove the TDS.

It is the TDS controller which will selectively mix both the waters to enhance the TDS levels, resulting in water with suitable pH value.

vii. The Mineralizer:

It is responsible for mineralizing the water that was lost during the RO purification process.

2. UV (Ultraviolet) vs. UF (Ultra Filtration):

i. UV (Ultraviolet):

Electricity is needed for its operation. The process kills microorganisms but leaves behind their dead bodies. It doesn’t eliminate the dissolved salts. At normal tap water pressure, this can operate but the incoming water has to be clear for this method to work properly.

ii. UF (Ultra Filtration):

It is the same as the above except for the fact that it can work when the incoming water is turbid.

3. Points to Remember While Water Purifier Installation:

It is necessary to perform a TDS level check of the water in your locality before water purifier installation.

People in industrial areas. need to check the level of industrial pollutants by conducting chemical tests.

4. Budget:

Decide your budget and then opt for a model. The RO + UV + UF water filters are a good option to consider but they come at a higher price range.

It is essential to have a clear idea of various aspects of a water purifier before getting one. Our buying guide extensively explains all these aspects and the reviews of water purifiers will definitely help you in getting the best deal so that you can lead a healthy life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Are the water purifiers with ABS plastic good?

Ans: ABS plastic is not harmful but those with steel storages are a better option to consider as they have higher durability.

Q. Is it essential to have an AMC or Annual maintenance charge for the water purifier?

Ans: Yes, because you need to do regular maintenance for proper functioning. This includes the cost of filters such as RO membrane, UV and UF filters, activated carbon, and sediment filters also.

Q. Which brand offers the best after-sale services?

Ans: There is no specific brand that has best after-sale services for every location. You need to check which company has service centers in your locality and then opt for it to avoid any hassle after purchasing it.

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