10 Best Low Noise Air Cooler In India

Best Low Noise Air Cooler In India

Air coolers are an essential appliance for many people living in hot and humid climates, especially in India. However, one of the common issues with air coolers is the noise they produce, which can be quite bothersome. Fortunately, some brands have come up with low noise air coolers that provide efficient cooling without disturbing your peace.

The best low noise air cooler in India is one that operates at low decibel levels while offering excellent cooling performance. It should be energy efficient, easy to use, and have features that make it stand out from other air coolers.

One such air cooler is the Symphony Siesta Desert Air Cooler. It is a powerful cooler with a large water tank capacity of 45 liters and a powerful air throw of up to 60 feet. Despite its robust performance, it operates at a low noise level of just 45 dB, making it ideal for use in homes and offices.

Another low noise air cooler that is worth considering is the Crompton Ozone 75-Litres Desert Air Cooler. It features a sleek design and a powerful air throw that can cool a large room in no time. The air cooler has an efficient motor that operates at a low noise level of 52 dB, making it ideal for use in bedrooms and living rooms.

The Bajaj MD2020 54 Ltrs Room Air Cooler is another excellent option for those looking for a low noise air cooler. It has a large tank capacity of 54 liters, which makes it suitable for use in large rooms or areas. The air cooler operates at a low noise level of 56 dB, ensuring that you get uninterrupted sleep or work without any disturbance.

In conclusion, the best low noise air cooler in India should be energy efficient, easy to use, and have a large tank capacity with a powerful air throw. It should operate at low decibel levels, making it ideal for use in homes and offices. The Symphony Siesta, Crompton Ozone, and Bajaj MD2020 are excellent options that meet these requirements and are highly recommended.

10 Best Low Noise Air Cooler In India

1. USHA Dynamo 70DD1 Desert Cooler

  • 3600m3/hr airflow for faster airflow
  • 5 blade fan for dynamic air delivery
  • 190 W low power consumption; Power Supply(V/Hz) : 230/50
  • 3 side honeycomb medium
  • Works on inverter
  • Auto tank fill
  • Motorized vertical louvers


2. Candes Elegant 12 Ltr Personal Air Cooler

  • Tank Capacity : 12 Ltr tank capacity for water storage also available ICE chamber for turbo chill air flow.
  • Cooler Type : Candes 12 Ltr Elegant is high performance personal & portable air cooler for the home & office with honeycomb pads and 3-way speed settings for air speed control.
  • RPM Speed : This Candes Air Cooler blower fan RPM is 1380.
  • Special Feature : Verticle auto swing, Rust-free Durable body with smooth easy to clean, ICE Chamber, Inverter compatibility, Dust Filter Net, Multi Way Air Flow.
  • Fan Type : Blower Fan with a high quality motor which is giving air flow rate is 800 CMH.
  • Noise Level : 65 DB which provides you with a quiet and silent opration.
  • Air Delivery : Air delivery area coverage area is 14ft ideally use for personal use.


3. Usha Maxx Air 70MD1 70-Litre Desert Cooler

  • Item Size: 695 mm x 475 mm x 1167 mm
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area/room, else cooler won’t work effectively
  • Desert Cooler with 70 liters capacity with three side honeycomb cooling media
  • Three speed options -low/medium/high, to suit your cooling requirement
  • 4 way air deflection system
  • Vertical motorised louvers and works on invertor
  • Warranty: 1 year on product


4. Bajaj DMH67 67L Desert Air Cooler

  • Hexacool Technology : Specially Designed Cooling Media With Hexagonal Design, Delivering Maximum Cooling With Minimum Water Consumption
  • Product Dimensions (Lxbxh): 64.0 Cm X 55.0 Cm X 110.0 Cm
  • Turbo Fan Technology : Fan Based Cooling For Efficent Circulation Of Air
  • Ice Chamber : Ice Compartments To Store Ice Cubes For Improved Cooling Experience
  • Capacity: 67 Litres; Ideal For Room Size Of Upto 750 Sq Ft. Suitable For All Climates And Costal Regions
  • Powerful Air Throw : Powerful Air Throw For Best Reach Of Air At Long Distance
  • 3 Side Cooler Master : 3 Side Honeycomb Pads For Maximum Cooling


5. Casa Copenhagen Personal Air Cooler

  • Product: Personal Air Coolerwith water tank capacity (upto brim) of 70 L
  • Cooling Performance: Blower with Air Delivery ; Ice Chamber is available; Cooling Medium is High Density Honeycomb pad that to provides superior & prolonged cooling for hours.
  • 4-way air deflection allowing you to adjust air stream direction according to your convenience.
  • Cooler is manual, No remote control is present
  • No trolly is present


6. Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Inverter Compatible and Portable Desert Air Cooler

  • PRODUCT: Crompton’s high air delivery desert air cooler with improved cooling efficiency, auto-swing and auto-drain functions
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity 65 L; Air delivery 5500 CMH; Power 230 W; Dimensions : 43 x 44 x 66 cm; Suitable for upto 650 sq. ft. area
  • Color may vary (White & Black or White & Purple)
  • WARRANTY: 1 year provided by Crompton from date of purchase.
  • ENHANCED AIR FLOW AND COOLING: Motorized and auto-swing louvres for 4-way air deflection; Honeycomb cooling pad for improved water retention


7. Bajaj PX 97 TORQUE (HC) 36L Personal Air Cooler

  • Castor wheel for easy mobility. Cord effective length 1.5
  • Capacity: 36 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 150 Sq Ft. Suitable for all climates and coastal regions
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads; 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance. Inverter compatible
  • 3 way speed control; Quite Performance; Four way air deflection
  • Always allow for Cross-Ventilation in your area / room, else cooler won’t work effectively


8. Havells Celia I Desert Air Cooler

  • Capacity:- 55 LTR
  • Product Dimensions:- 66x51x111.5
  • Low noise cooling and many other features Celia air cooler range boasts innovative set of features. It includes a unique fan design for low noise cooling.
  • Strong Air Deliver Air delivery of 3500 m3/hr assures effective cooling of air even in larger areas.
  • Full Function Remote Remote functionality provides effortless air cooler operation.
  • Fully Collapsible Louvers It prevents dust and insects from entering inside the air cooler.
  • Ice chamber The ice chamber allows the user to put ice cubes for instant chilled air.


9. Symphony Siesta Personal Cooler

  • Capacity: 70 Litres
  • Included Components: 1 Air Cooler
  • Warranty Description: 1 Year
  • Wattage: 150W


10. Cello Marvel+ 60 Ltrs Desert Air Cooler

  • Capacity: 60 Litres; Ideal for room size of upto 800 Sq Ft.
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 62.0 cm x 42.5 cm x 105.0 cm
  • Powerful Mega Size Cooler With International Styling
  • Effective Honeycomb Cooling Pads; Water Inlet From Front Side; With In Built Castors, No Trolley Required6Air Delivery: 5000m3/hr with 3 speed motor; Powerful air throw upto 54Ft
  • Power: 185 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V; Works of Inverter: Yes; Warranty: 1 year
  • Package Includes: Air cooler, Remote, Castor wheels, User manual and Warranty card
  • Always allow for CROSS-VENTILATION in your area / room, else cooler won’t work effectively


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