Top 7 Best Handbag for Women Under Rs. 500 in India

Best Handbag for Women Under Rs. 500 in India

Handbags are an important everyday tool in a woman’s life, they’re basically like pockets and wallets for men. There are numerous kinds of bags with different materials and designs available in the market right now at different price ranges so choosing which one to pick might be a big task for any individual woman. So, we have made it easier for you by picking some of the best Handbags for women under 500 rs in India to choose from Amazon.

Best Handbag for Women Under Rs. 500 in India

1. Star Dust Women’s Tote Bag

Star Dust Women's Tote Bag

Product Description:

A Simple and stylish handbag made up of soft PU leather and durable printed canvas, comfortable to carry with a zipper closure to keep all your things secure.

Enhance your look with this Tote Bag from Star Dust accessible on Amazon. Star Dust offers tote bags in various styles, shapes and colours.

Double stitched stress points, solid handle and smooth zipper. This is a stylish tote handbag that is ideal for day to day life.

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2. Exotic Cross Body Sling Bag for Women

exotic sling bag

Product Description:

This is the latest trendy crossbody bag from Exotic available to buy on amazon right now under the price range of 500 rs.

This bag is ideal for all kinds of occasions such as night outs, college, work, festivals, vacations and weekend getaways.

This crossbody bag has spacious compartments and comfortable design, this slingbag isn’t just all about looks either this is often an ideal combination of both style and utility, something that each woman deserves to possess at her disposal inside her closet.

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3. Kanvas Katha Women’s Sling Bag

kanvas katha women's sling bag

The Sansa Women’s sling bag is manufactured and designed by Canvas Katha that is available now on amazon at a price below 500 rs. The bag looks simple, artsy and elegant with the canvas materials used to make the bag.

The bag has a snap closure with crossbody strap feature. The bag includes one compartment and one pocket to carry your tiny essentials in this stylish sling bag.

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4. Bellina Women’s Handbag With Clutch

bellina handbag

Bellina Women’s Handbag With Clutch is made with high quality semi PU-grain material and satin inner material. The Full-Grain Semi PU is the most expensive and toughest material. The bag consists of three main compartments and two Inner pockets making it more spacious and usable.

This is a very durable bag and it will definitely grab the attention of the people. It is an elegant and stylish bag that has high durability as it has a completely different and very attractive design which makes it beautiful.

This bag is ideal for carrying it to the office or party as it will surely make you look good. And the main factor is that the shape of this bag is trapezium which looks more classy.

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5. BEETS COLLECTION Women’s Handbag


The Beets women’s handbag has a great design and looks attractive. It has three main compartments and one inner pocket. The bag comes with a smiley key chain inside.

Beets Collection handbag series has been launched new for women. It’s made with high quality PU materials which is ideal for every occasion.

The bag is made based on latest fashion trends and the bag presents an ergonomic design which is created with elaborate craftsmanship.

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6. Fiesto Fashion Women’s Handbag

fiesto fashion handbag

This Leatherette material handbag is designed and manufactured by Fiesto fashions. The sling bag is an added accessory along with the handbag for free.

The mechanism of the bad is Zip closure with double handle and the bag has spacious compartments and pockets to store all your belongings.

This Handbag from Fiesto Fashion is available on Amazon to buy right now. Fiesto Fashion offers handbags in every style, shape and color. It is perfect for all kinds of occasions and uses such as work, colleges, parties etc.

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7. Bizarre Vogue Women’s Handbag

Bizarre Vogue Women's Handbag

This Handbag is made and designed by Bizarre Vogue available on Amazon among the best handbags under 500 rs.

This handbag is made with high quality PU materials to give this durability. The bag has one main compartment and one inner pocket.

You can carry this handbag for Parties, for college, for shopping or for a movie. The stylish design and the peach colour makes the bag more beautiful. The bag has a magnet type closure mechanism and solid chain as the sling.

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