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10 Best Exhaust Fans For Kitchen & Bathroom in India – Reviews

The quality of air we breathe in is one thing we take for granted. The dust particles mixed along not only ruin the house walls but can also create health related problems sooner or later.

Therefore, an exhaust fan is basically a ventilator sucking out the moisture and humidity from the bathroom and the kitchen as well. They help in the removal of odor by their sectional pull. The exhaust fan also plays a major role in helping the hazardous fumes escape from the bathroom potentially to avoid health related issues making life a little simpler and a little safer to live!

10 Best Exhaust Fans to Buy Online in India

1. Luminous Exhaust Fan Vento Deluxe 200 mm

luminous exhaust fan vento deluxe 200 mm

Luminous exhaust fan is an ideal choice for your kitchen. It helps to keep your kitchen free from humidity and also takes away the odor. This stylish fan has a blade size of 200 mm and has an efficient air flow making the functioning on point. This compact exhaust fan enhances the beauty standards of your kitchen while the white color adds elegance to it!


  • Blade size: 200mm
  • Speed: 13 RPM
  • Sweep size: 0.20
  • Power consumption: 35 watts
  • Operation voltage: 220 V
  • Stylish design.
  • High cooling strength.
  • Hard to install.

Rating: 4.1/5

2. URBAN KING® Alastar Heavy Duty Metal Fresh Air Exhaust Fan

urban king exhaust fan

This urban king metal exhaust fan comes with a hundred percent copper winding highly suitable for kitchen, bathroom or study room. The exhaust fan has quality sectional pull making the air around fresher to breathe in.


  • Dimension of the product: 20*15*7 kilograms
  • Weight: 3 kilograms
  • Component: Cooper
  • Speed: 1400 RPM
  • Size: 12 inch
  • Sleek design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Might get rusted.
  • Outdated design.
  • Noise might be a problem.

Rating: 3.7/5

3. Luminous Vento Deluxe 150mm Exhaust Fan

luminous vento deluxe 150mm exhaust fan

This exhaust fan is a must have deal for your kitchen. The fan comes with a blade size of 150 mm with swift rotations hence enhancing the sectional pull of the fan. The fan helps in maintaining the humidity level of the kitchen along with fitting in the color scheme of your kitchen elegantly.


  • Blade size: 150mm
  • Speed: 1350 RPM
  • Dimensions of the duct: 11*10*6 inches
  • Power consumption: 30 watts
  • Operating Voltage: 220v-240v
  • Smooth noiseless operation.
  • High rotation speed.
  • Dust might get accommodated.

Rating: 4.1/5

4. Usha Crisp Air 200mm Sweep Size, 300mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan

usha crisp air 200mm sweep size 300mm duct size exhaust fan

This Usha crisp air exhaust fan comes draped around in black color giving a very sturdy look overall. The fan has aerodynamics blades making the sectional pull even stronger while the noise levels drop down even further. The fan also has an extra automatic back shutter that prevents the entrance of any foreign matter. The sleek design of this exhaust fan makes it fit for any bathroom or kitchen setting.


  • Brand: Usha
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension of the product: 15*32*32centimeters
  • Voltage: 230 volts
  • Item weight: 4.12 pounds
  • High suction strength.
  • Low noise.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 3.9/5

5. A & Y High Speed Brijlax Copper PVC Glass Exhaust Fan

a&y exhaust fan

This brilax exhaust fan comes with 6 inches long blades and a glossy finish touch on the outer body. The fan produces the minimum noise and is fit for kitchen, bathroom or office use as well.


  • Brand: A&Y
  • Color: white
  • Material: cooper
  • Length of the blade: 6 inches
  • Wattage: 70 watts
  • Glossy finish.
  • Low noise disturbance.
  • Hard to clean.

Rating: 3.8/5

6. Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan, 260 MM Frame Size (White)

usha crisp air premia cv exhaust fan 260 mm frame size (white)

This beautiful piece of exhaust surely deserves a place in your house. This exhaust comes draped around in elegant white color with an automatic shutter to avoid the passage of any foreign substance. The fan is crafted of corrosion resistant body and produces the least noise while in function. Quite a good performer!


  • Brand: Usha
  • Color: shade of white
  • Dimensions of the product: 7*7*5 centimeters
  • Item weight: 1963 grams
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Sleek design.
  • Corrosion protection with rust proof body.
  • Scaling measurement might differ.

Rating: 4.1/5

7. Bajaj Maxio 150 mm Exhaust Fan (Steel)

bajaj maxio 150 mm exhaust fan (steel)

This bajaj maxio exhaust fan is known all over for its speed and style! The fan comes with a high fan speed and a sturdy rust free body with a unique design and the lowest power consumption deals. This fan is a must have!


  • Sweep: 150 mm
  • Power: 21W
  • Air Delivery: 325CMH
  • RPM: 2000
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Rust proof body.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 3.2/5

8. Usha Crisp Air Premia 150mm Exhaust Fan (White)

usha crisp air premia 150mm exhaust fan (white)

This Usha crisp fan comes with a shaded pole motor design hence ensuring its long time and powerful performance. The fan comes attached with a rust resistant blade and body giving noiseless functioning every time.


  • Brand: Usha
  • Color: white
  • Power: 24 watts
  • Dimensions: 21*21*12 centimetres
  • Weight: 1.2 kilograms
  • Automatic shutter.
  • Corrosion protected body.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 4.5/5

9. Luminous 150mm Vento Axial Exhaust Fan (White)

luminous 150mm vento axial exhaust fan (white)

This Usha fan comes draped around in light cream color with a blade size of 150 mm promising a good sectional pool and smooth noise less functioning.


  • Blade size: 150 mm
  • Speed: 2000 RPM
  • Dimensions: 7*4*7 inches
  • Operating voltage: 220V-240V
  • Number of blades: 5
  • Good air delivery.
  • Smooth noise less operation.
  • Might not be durable.

Rating: 3.8/5

10. Usha Crisp Air 250mm Sweep Size, 345mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (Pearl White)

usha crisp air 250mm sweep size 345 mm duct size exhaust fan (pearl white)

This Usha crisp exhaust fan comes with a sweep size of 250 mm with high sectional pull and low noise disturbances. The fan comes with a sleek design and stylish outlook and is a must have!


  • Brand: Usha
  • Color: white
  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions of the product: 13*9*7.5 centimeters
  • Weight: 2.23 kilograms
  • Sleek and stylish design.
  • Corrosion protective body.
  • Expensive.

Rating: 3.8/5

Exhaust Fan Buying Guide: How to Pick an Exhaust Fan for Bathroom and Kitchen?

In order to select only the best based on your requirements, below mentioned are some of the important criteria that one must keep in mind before bagging the best exhaust fans.

1. Look for the Noise level:

  • One factor that must be taken into consideration while selecting an exhaust fan is the kind and the frequency of noise coming out of it. As you fit the fan it is very important to make sure it doesn’t disturb the daily chores. Noise levels are measured in sones; one sone is equivalent to the noise of a refrigerator and 3 sone amounts a little more than that. Therefore anything between 1-4 Sones is fine.

2. Fan Model:

  • Different models of fans are supplied in the market, each with a different function, mostly based on their location of their placement. Best ones must be chosen based on the airflow pattern and the characteristics of the fan.

3. Bathroom Fan Size:

  • Before bagging any random exhaust fan you must keep a check on the place where the fan is supposed to be fitted and based on that the respective size of the exhaust fan must be bought.

4. Extra features:

  • While the fan size or the models are primary qualities various other attributes can also be taken into consideration while selecting an exhaust for your house. Other features like extra lighting, heaters, motion sensors, humidity sensors or controllers must also be taken into account for better purchase.

Before bagging anything online it is always better to have in detail knowledge about it and who can give you that better than the people who have already used them. Therefore it is always better to refer to the reviews online before deciding on buying anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you install exhaust fans on your own?

Ans: Sometimes, yes fixing an exhaust fan is a simple DIY project while the other times the fixing of the fan can be a complicated task and might need a professional’s hand. Therefore based on the type of fan or the process of installation one must take a step. However it is always better to let the professionals do their work.

2. Which fan makes the least noise?

Ans: The number of fans with least noise disruptions is pretty high therefore, all can’t be named here however, and one must keep in mind the fact that any fan ranging from 1Sones to 4 sones is a good choice!

3. Is motion sensor an effective attribute?

Ans: Motion sensor surely is an effective quality, newly installed in these exhaust fans. These sensors sense the presence as soon as anyone enters the bathroom and starts functioning accordingly.

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