10 Best Cash Counting Machine In India

Best Cash Counting Machine In India

Cash counting machines are an essential tool for businesses that deal with cash transactions. Here is a description of the best cash counting machine in India:

The Kores Easy Count 440 is widely considered to be the best cash counting machine in India. It has a high counting speed of 1000 notes per minute, which makes it quick and efficient for businesses with high cash flow.

This cash counting machine has a hopper capacity of 300 notes, which means that it can handle large batches of cash without needing to be refilled frequently. It also has a counterfeit detection system that can detect fake notes with a high level of accuracy.

The Kores Easy Count 440 also features a user-friendly interface with a large LED display that makes it easy to read and understand the results. It has a compact and lightweight design that makes it easy to move around and store.

One of the standout features of this cash counting machine is its batch counting function, which allows you to set a specific number of notes that need to be counted. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to count cash in specific amounts for deposits or cash registers.

The Kores Easy Count 440 is also easy to maintain and comes with a 1-year warranty. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient cash counting machine for your business, the Kores Easy Count 440 is the best option available in India.

10 Best Cash Counting Machine In India

1. VMS Essentials Money Counting UV MG IR and MT Machines

  • Advanced UV, MG, IR, and MT detection technology to detect counterfeit bills.
  • Can count up to 1,000 bills per minute and has a convenient batch function for easier organization.
  • Large LED display and user-friendly interface for easy operation.
  • Durable design that can withstand heavy use in busy retail environments.
  • Essential tool for businesses that handle cash, providing accuracy and security to cash management operations.


2. SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine

  • Precise Detection – Counts Old And New Denomination 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 INR,Three powerful methods to detect counterfeit Notes UV – ultraviolet, MG – magnetic and IR – infrared; Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, guaranteeing the most precise outcome(Machine can show the wrong counting or total number of notes  if the customer puts soiled or dirty notes in the machine).
  • Large Front Facing Display – With an easy to read LED screen, changing the operating modes and tracking Note counts is more easier; The external display gives a double view, showing the client what you are counting.
  • Efficient & High Capacity – This high speed money counter counts up to 1,000 Notes per minute, there is only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of missing counterfeit currency; The hopper and stacker capacity is 200 bills, meeting the maximum demand.
  • Easy To Use – Count, add, and batch modes make money counting simple; In add mode, the machine can add multiple batches together to give you a total count of Notes; In batch mode, Set the machine to count Note in a batch of your choice
  • 12 Months Off Site Manufacturing Defect – 1 x MC01 Note Counter, 1 x Power cord , 1 x Brush ,1 x External display, 1 x Spare parts,1x Machine cover, 1 x User manual.


3. JD9 8888-E Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine

  • Uses an Advanced Japanese Sensor for Accurate Counting of Mix Notes of all Denomination. INR₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹200 ₹500 & ₹2000
  • 1.Calculates Total Value of Mix notes of all denominations together 2.Shows number of notes of each denomination.
  • Colour Changing LCD Display. LCD Display Turns Red every time a Non-Genuine Note is Detected. Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG / IR / MT which makes it impossible to miss any fake notes.
  • For Best Use – 1.Insert upto 200 notes at a time and use the “Add” function to link each round. 2.To avoid notes getting stuck insert notes carefully in one clean deck. If notes are not entered properly the sensor will not be able to scan properly and error might occur. Make sure notes are not crumpled or damaged. Please note- Rs.10 note is very small, take special care with this because some flying out from the front of the machine can occur.


4. Godrej Crusader Lite

  • Loose Note Counting Machine With Fake Note Detect
  • Automatic Detection With UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Megnetic), And IR (Infra-Red) With Big TFT Screen Display. Automatic Start, Stop And Clearing
  • Customer needs to just check whether the UV and MG button is on also it is very important how the placement of notes are being done in pocket. If the currency notes are not kept properly in pocket it would not count the notes properly


5. TVS ELECTRONICS Classic Cash Counting Machine

  • Suitable for Heavy duty operations
  • Super fast currency counting: 1200 notes/min
  • Supports batch function with in-built display
  • Detects and counts both old and new currencies
  • Has automatic count mode. Easy maintenance : Self check function


6. GOBBLER Business-Grade Note Counting Machine

  • Accuracy & Speed: Accurate Counting of number of notes for NEW INR₹10 ₹20 ₹50 ₹100 ₹200 ₹500 & ₹2000. It is not a mix note counter. It does not count value of mix notes. It counts number of notes.
  • Intelligent Detection: Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG which makes it impossible to miss any fake notes. Intelligent Fake Note Recognition. If the notes are very damaged or very old then the machine might detect it as fake. If the notes are sticky and stick to one another, it might show as error (we recommend to check for sticky notes if error comes up). It does not detect torn or taped notes.
  • Colour Lcd Display: Colour Changing LCD Display which changes to Red when a non-genuine note is detected. Additional External Display has been provided for customer viewing. Convenient retractable hidden handle has been provided if carrying the product is necessary. This machine is not wireless. It has to be plugged in for use.
  • Included in box – Note Counting Machine, External Display, Manual. Note: 1. If notes are flying out of the machine, kindly adjust the hopper. 2. Kindly stack the notes uniformly on the hopper while inserting to avoid notes getting stuck. 3. Use care when inserting Rs.10 notes. Due to the smaller size of the note you might experience some flying out. 4. Try inserting lesser notes at a time if notes are getting stuck.
  • Heavy-Duty & Extremely Durable. Keep sheltered from high dust conditions and maintain cleanliness for best use. Please read the manual carefully and use the machine accordingly.


7. HEXOR Automatic Mix Note Value Counting Machine

  • Accurately counts the notes and gives a break up of all note denomination with total. For understanding machine functions or any technical query, please call on the number given on the machine.
  • Accurately detects fake notes while counting. Machine stops on fake note and the screen shows error message. The machine will also stop on chained notes, notes that are fed skewed and old notes of Rs 10, 20, 50 and 100 which do not have the magnetic security thread.
  • Multi colour TFT display as the main screen, an additional customer display included.
  • With Add, Batch, Count, Sort and Detect functions. Can count and detect forged notes of US $ and Euro.Latest updated software for old and new notes of Rs 10, 20, 50 and 100. As well as for Rs 2000, 500 and 200. Software updatable for future new notes addition.
  • Please note: This is a mix note counter with fake note detector machine. It will NOT detect torn notes or notes with cello tape. Please check that the notes are not crumpled and use both hands while placing the notes, otherwise the notes will go in slanted and the machine will give error. This is not a machine fault but user mistake. Also soiled, discolored notes may give counting errors as the machine detects the colour of the notes to identify its denomination.


8. Smars® V30 LED Display Mini Portable Use Battery/Plug Handy Money Counter

  • Professional Design – Unique design, handy, lightweight and portable for use.
  • Convenient Used – Powered by AC100-240V adapter, besides you can use 4pcs AA batteries for convenient use
  • Counting and detecting the counterfeit bills with UV/White light
  • Easy To Carry – Handy, light-weighted and portable, convenient to use and carry.Better And Faster – Save time and labor costs
  • Widely Used – Suitable for most of the paper currencies in the world.


9. Swaggers Latest Updated Super Heavy Duty Note/Currency/Cash/Money Counting Machine

  • Equipped with latest and advanced technology counting for all new denomination Like 10,20,50,100,200,500,2000 INR notes
  • Counting Speed – 1000pcs/min, With Color Changing LCD display, Manual Value Feature
  • Automatic detecting fake Note with UV (Ultraviolet) and (Magnetic) IR (Infrared) while counting
  • Automatic half Note detection and double Note. Hopper Capacity – 200pcs and Stacker Capacity – 200pcs
  • Functions: Automatic start, stop and clearing, with batching, adding and self-examination (display) function


10. KROSS IS5900 Currency Counting/Money/Note Counting Machine

  • Precise Detection This money counting machine has 3 methods to detect Super Fake Note : UV – ultraviolet, MG – magnetic and IR – infrared; Three modes can be used simultaneously or separately, guaranteeing the most precise outcome (This machine only counts the number of notes and gives value if the denominations are Selected Manually, it cannot automatically give the value for that you need to purchase our other model IS9900i or IS9000I PRO BANKER).
  • Compatibility This Currency Counting machine counts all old and new denomination of INR- Rs.10, 20, 50,100,200, 500 & 2000 and detecting counterfeit /fake notes as well with its Color Changing Lcd / Large Front Facing
  • Large Front Facing Display This Cash Counting machine comes with an easy to read Unique Color Changing Lcd screen, which makes changing the operating modes and tracking Notes counted is easier. The external display gives a double view, showing the client what you are counting.
  • Efficient & High Capacity This high speed Note Counting machine counts up to 1,000 Notes per minute; The hopper and stacker capacity is 200 bills, meeting maximum demand. Note counting machine Includes Adding / Batching function with High Speed Heavy Duty Motor.
  • Note Warranty will be provided to the customers who have bought a product from Amazon seller “Integra Systems” , Warranty is off-site, If the bundle of notes is not properly arranged in stacker then there is a possibility that note can get jammed” .Kindly Follow user manual instructions


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